How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are insects with a brownish in color that infects and thrive on human or animal blood. They are not capable of flying. However, what is alarming about them is that they feed on blood. Their color turns red and they appear to swell post feeding.

Another danger with bed bugs is that these insects move fast in our surroundings. Whether it’s the floors, ceilings or walls, bedbugs can transfer from one place to another easily. As an additional fact about bedbugs, we should be wary about female bed bugs. This is for the sole reason that aside from being able to move fast, the number of eggs laid by females reach hundreds in one laying.

Nymphs or those that layman refer to as immature bed bugs require more feeding time as compared to their adult counterparts. A lot of studies conducted by scientists show that nymphs need to be fed five times before they become adults. The feeding comes as a requirement whenever they need to shed skins.

If you are one of those who are having troubles eliminating these insects or looking for a way to treat infections caused by bed bugs, then continue to read through. To know more about this topic, here are some facts that we should know about bed bugs. Elaborated below are details such as places where bed bugs like to thrive, situations where bed bugs infection occur as well as infestation signs. Also covered are the different effective ways of how to get rid of bed bugs.

What Are the Places Where Bed Bugs Commonly Thrive?

True to its name, bed bugs like to stay in places that are commonly hidden to human eyes such as bed frames, mattresses, headboards and bed frames. These places provide them a great advantage and access to people to bite them during the night. Unlike the other insects, bed bugs don’t have nests or special places where they stay for long. They can move fast and get into our houses undetected. Because of their flat bodies, bed bugs are easy to fit into our luggage as well as clothes.

Don’t blame yourself if you think that your beds are infected with the insects because you have a dirty or unsanitary home. As discussed, bed bugs can easily move from one place to another. One minute you can find them in the house next door to you and the next thing you know is that the insects have infested your home.

When Do Bed Bugs Attack Us?

In order to prevent the insects from infesting our homes, it is good to know when do bed bugs usually attack us. Many studies have shown that infestations happen at night while we are sleeping. Feeding happens around three to 10 minutes. Once they have fed, due to their small size, they can move away without us noticing them. As compared to bites caused by fleas, bites by bed bugs are not red in color and will just be itchy after several hours of infestation.

What Are the Signs That You Are Infested With Bed Bugs?

For a person like me who can easily have skin irritations or allergies, it may be a little hard to tell if the troubles are caused by allergies or by bed bugs feeding on my blood. To differentiate the bites of bed bugs from other insects, below are some signs that you can always look at to identify if you are infested with the bugs.

  • Blood marks on the bed or pillows
  • Fecal spots or skin shed by bed bugs on the places where the insects thrive
  • Presence of musty like scents produced by the insects

What Are the Different Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

So the question still remains. How do we get rid of bed bugs? Experts believe that the first step to eliminating the insects from your place is by conducting a general cleaning, especially on the areas where they live. Here is a roundup of the most effective bed bug treatments that we can always try.

  • Wash all the linens, beddings, clothes and curtains on hot water. Dry them on the highest possible temperature. Ensure that stuffed toys are also washed and dried for at least half an hour.
  • Clean mattresses using a vacuum or stiff brush to effectively eliminate all their eggs.
  • Clean the surroundings and beds with a vacuum. Put all the trash in a trash bag and immediately throw in a can outside the house.
  • If you see cracks in the beds, it’s best to glue the cracks to seal all the places can the bugs can live and reproduce.
  • Eliminate all the unnecessary things in the bedroom.
  • Throw away the infested mattresses and get a new one.

If the tips provided above are still not enough to keep your house clean of bed bug infestations, then the next thing to try is to contact a bed bug exterminator near you as this might be the most effective and best way to address your problem.

Points to Ponder When Exterminating Bed Bugs

Cleaning your place is a good alternative for treating bed bugs. However, if all seems to fail, then call an exterminator right away. Exterminators are experts in alleviating bed bugs infestations at homes as they have the right chemicals to use.  By contacting them, in as fast as an hour, you will find your home free of bed bugs.

For your safety, there are some points to ponder when exterminating bed bugs. It is good to leave the place that is being treated for some time. This is because the chemicals can be harmful to our health if inhaled during treatment. Also, to prevent any consequences that could impact our health, it is important to look at the chemicals. It is best if the chemicals that will be used are good and safe for treating beddings and mattresses. Above all, the best move is to hire the services of a pest control expert to effectively exterminate all the bed bugs in your place.

Bed bugs are insects with a brownish in color that infects and thrive on human or animal blood.

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