7 Beneftis of Drinking Lemon Water

7 Beneftis of Drinking Lemon Water

What are the benefits of lemon water?

My cousin loves buying lemons in the market and it seems like she can’t come home if she doesn’t have it. She does not only buy one, two, or three pieces but a bunch of it!

I was shocked when I was with her and she bought around 20 pieces of lemons. I asked her what she does with it and even joked that maybe she secretly has a lemonade store. She just laughed in response and told me she drinks it.

In my mind, I thought my cousin is already addicted to lemons. I was also worried that she might get stomach ulcer. From what I heard, lemons can cause heartburn when consumed too much.

I was relieved when she told me that she does not consume pure lemon juice. She makes lemon water and that is what she drinks.

That was the first time that I heard about lemon water and was amazed by it since then. Let me tell you the benefits of lemon water that makes it amazing.



Lemons are yellow citric fruit that contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins. It contains d-limonene, potassium, calcium, and dietary fiber. Lemons are also abundant in vitamin C. one 100 g lemon contains 80% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) of vitamin C.

This fruit is really beneficial to people of all ages. Due to its high nutrient content, it was proven to aid having good health.

Lemons are good for heart health, for our skin, in detoxifying, and it can even help in preventing or curing diseases.

Just like what I have mentioned earlier, lemon can cause heartburn when consumed as it is and it may lead to ulcer or being acidic. Aside from that, it may also cause the enamel of your teeth to weaken. That is the reason why dieticians came up with the idea of lemon water.


Lemon Water

Lemon water, from the name itself, is composed of water and lemon. Squeeze one lemon to one liter of water and voila! You now have a drink to quench your thirst.

Lemons are initially very nutritious that is why lemon water brings a lot of health benefits to the body.

1. Boosts Immune System

Do you often get sick and just feel so tired all throughout the day? Maybe you lack vitamin C.

Lemons have a high amount of vitamin C that is why it is known to help in improving people’s immune system. People who consume lemon water tend to have a lower risk of having the flu and other communicable diseases.

If you often feel sick before you have your period, try drinking lemon water and you will surely feel better. I have experienced this before and I can attest to it.

A week before my period was really hell for me. I often get sick and just can’t get up. My cousin recommended drinking lemon water the week before my period starts. So I did and it was really effective. I do not feel sick anymore and it was just like normal days for me.

2. Improves Heart Health

Having problems with your cholesterol level? Can’t maintain the normal cholesterol level? Don’t worry, lemon water might just be perfect for you.

Lemons contain soluble or dietary fiber which aids in increasing good cholesterol. As it does that, it decreases the bad cholesterol.

This citrus fruit is not just good for maintaining a good cholesterol level, it is also good for preventing heart diseases. A study conducted in 1992 stated that fruits high in vitamin C helps in maintaining a healthy heart.

80% RDI of vitamin C is already in one lemon. If you want to achieve 100% RDI if vitamin C, you just have to worry about the remaining 20%.

3. Aids in Detoxification

Detoxification is the process of flushing out toxins or toxic substances out of the body. It is needed by our body to maintain its healthy state and replenish healthy cells.

This process requires soluble fiber to help the body flush out the toxins. One large lemon contains 51% RDI fiber that is why people rely on lemon water to detoxify.

Drinking warm lemon water in the morning will help you clean your stomach and hydrate the body.

4. Maintains a Healthy Skin

Tired of having wrinkles and dry skin? Do you want to have that younger and healthier-looking skin? Maybe collagen is all you need.

Collagen helps in renewing the skin cells. This is the main reason why people who consume it tend to have supple, youthful skin and look so fresh.

Collagen is available in supplements and other beverages. Do you know what forms collagen?

Vitamin C has an important role in producing collagen. Since lemons have a high amount of vitamin C, people also believe that it is good for our skin health.

5. Regulates Blood Sugar

Lemons contain fiber pectin which is a good substance for people who are trying to lose weight. Aside from its aid in weight loss, it is also a good substance for regulating blood sugar level.

My cousin who I talked about earlier has diabetes. She used to feel tiredness in the morning and often hungry. When she started drinking lemon water, she became full of life. She also constantly checks her blood sugar in the morning and when she started drinking lemon water, her blood sugar level is just around 100 to 150 mg/dL, unlike before that it spikes up to 250 mg/dL.

6. Prevents Chronic Diseases

Heart diseases, different types of cancer, and diabetes are some of the leading causes of health according to the data gathered by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2016.

Doctors and researchers believe that lemon water is a great help to lower the risk of those diseases. Not just the aforementioned diseases but also anemia.

7. Good for the Liver

Do you feel like your liver is unhealthy due to the unhealthy foods that you consume? Lemon water will help you have a healthier liver.

Lemons contain a substance called d-limonene. This substance is good for the liver by helping it to detoxify.

Lemon water is really beneficial to everyone. However, we should not rely on it alone. We need to accompany it with a healthy lifestyle to maximize its benefits.

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