Black Hairs on Breast: Is This Normal?

Black Hairs on Breast: Is This Normal?

All of our body parts have functions. We have eyes to see, nose to smell, skin to feel and hair to protect and filter the harmful microbes around us. Almost our entire body has hair. Some may look thin and those in the other parts are thick and dark. Even in the parts that we don’t expect it, we will notice that hairs are popping up from time to time.
Having black hairs on breast or nipples is normal or common to women. They can be seen growing near the areolas and in other adjacent areas. As it is just normal and common to many women, the percentage of patients reporting it to physicians is very low

Yes. It may be normal. However, we can’t help other women if they panic or be worried if they find black hair on breathe breasts this normal? How can we know if this calls for immediate attention from your doctor?

Join me and let us explore the different facts about hairs on the breast and determine when it is time to talk to a medical professional.

Reasons Why Some Women Have Black Hairs on Breast

There are several reasons why some people have black hair on the breast. Among them are hormonal changes, hormonal imbalance, having acne and oily skin, and due to several serious conditions. In addition to these, black hairs on the breast can also be a side effect of medications taken by the person. Let us have a closer look at each of these factors as these will help us determine when it is right or appropriate to call for medical help.

Hormonal Fluctuations

One of the main causes of having hairs on the breast is hormonal fluctuation. To identify that this is the reason behind the condition, it is important to spot the other symptoms such as darkening nipple hair. Also, it normally happens or is visible in pregnant women or those who are menopausal. Subtle fluctuations can also be observed in women in the 30s and 20s

Hormonal Imbalance

Second in our list of causes of black hairs on breasts is hormonal imbalance. Having a high level of testosterone could lead to this condition. Amenorrhea, oily skin, muscle mass increase, and male pattern baldness are the other symptoms to watch for

Medications & Serious Illnesses

Having hairs on breasts can also be a side effect of some medications. Among these are the strong ones that deal with our immunity and hormones such as testosterone, immunosuppressants as well as glucocorticosteroids

Infertility & Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

In addition to the above-mentioned reasons, the development of medical conditions and illnesses can also result in patients having black hair on breasts. Infertility and PCOS are among them. Aside from hair growth, ovarian cysts and irregular menstrual periods are the other symptoms of these diseases

Cushing’s Syndrome

Last but not least, we can also look at Cushing’s syndrome as the cause of having hairs on the breast. The symptoms of this disease may look the same as PCOS which are irregular menstrual cycles and a sudden increase in hair growth.


In many cases, the occurrence of black hair on breasts is just normal. However, it is still important to know when it is needed to seek a medical professional’s help and get the ample treatments that you need

Removing or treating hairs on the breasts is not necessary for most instances. Yet, some people choose to remove these for beauty reasons. Here are some of the treatment options to try


The simplest method to remove these is through tweezing. However, there are several factors to consider before you proceed with this. First of all, take note that the skin surrounding the nipples can be so sensitive so you need to be extra careful as it can lead to discomfort. To address this, experts advise that hairs be tweezed or plucked right after taking a bath as the warm water can trigger or stimulate the pores to open. When this happens, the hairs can be less painfully and easily be removed. Above all, it is also important to watch for infection symptoms like pus, tenderness as well as redness


Some people resort to trimming instead of plucking or tweezing. As compared to plucking, trimming is less risky. However, when doing this, you need to be extra careful as you can cut your breast skin. To be safe, it is helpful to use manicure scissors, tweezers, or small scissors so you can control it easily.

Waxing and Shaving

If you think that plucking and trimming are not the best options for you, why not try waxing or shaving. Shaving is easier but ensures that you protect your breast skin with your hand. The downside of these two methods is that there is a big chance of having ingrown or that infections can occur.

Electrolysis or Laser Treatment

Advanced or innovative treatments are also available for those who want to slow down their hair growth. Electrolysis or laser treatment is effective but is expensive as the other options. It should be done by a cosmetic dermatologist or a licensed plastic surgeon as it can result in discomfort if not appropriately performed

Hormonal Fluctuation/Imbalance Treatment

If you are not convinced to go with the above treatment options, then you can try the hormonal fluctuation treatment if this is the root cause of the problem. The treatment method may include intaking medications aimed at restoring the balance in your hormones. Intaking birth control pills that have progestin and estrogen hormones are the first line of treatments recommended to those with this condition.

My Take on the Subject

In many instances or reported cases of patients having black hairs on breasts, medical treatments are not needed as the situation is just normal to happen. However, for safety reasons, it is important to watch out for other symptoms that may be experienced along with the growth of hairs on breasts as these symptoms can indicate a more serious cause. When this happens, it is necessary to look for immediate medical assistance to avoid any health risks that may compromise the patient’s life.

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