Can Aloe Vera Help Get Rid of Acne

There has been extensive research about the traditional use of aloe vera against acne. Significantly, the researchers have found promising results.

Aloe Vera for acne

Acne is a serious problem not just for teenagers, but for most beauty conscious individuals. But is it really the beauty conscious who have problems with acne? Or who among us are not conscious of beauty?

Imagine how a single pimple can lose someone’s confidence. Instead of promoting his skills and talents, his full potential is placed in a box.

So, the general concern is, how can we get rid pimples off?

In this article, we’ll look at one remedy that said to have a solution against a pimple: Aloe vera. We’ll find out if it is really effective of eliminated acne from our skin.

Aloe Vera Overview

Aloe vera belongs to the family of plants which are succulent. Its leaves are thick and saw-like, and inside it is a gel topically used for multi-purpose. Burned and/or irritated skin is one of the many conditions where it is applied to use as a remedy. It has an antibacterial property that is believed effective in soothing skin acne. However, some believe that oral consumption of aloe vera is also effective in healing and hydrating the skin from within. But there is not enough evidence to support this claim.

Anyway, there has been extensive research about the traditional use of aloe vera against acne. Significantly, the researchers have found promising results. Thus, some home remedies are recommended to soothe mild to moderate acne.

Using Aloe Vera for Acne

  • Use Pure Aloe Vera Gel

As long as you are not allergic to aloe vera, using it by itself is safe. For centuries, it has been used to heal burns, kill pain, and cleanse wounds. Then our modern scientists found that it possesses antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Instead of using a cleanser, apply a pure aloe vera gel to your face topically. The substance in aloe vera will able to kill the harmful bacteria off your skin and promote blood flow as well.

If you also have an acne breakout, leave the gel on your face overnight and wash it in the morning. This method will decrease irritation and redness in your skin.

  • Make Your Own Home-Made Face Mask

You can make your own face mask by combining aloe vera, cinnamon, and honey. These three ingredients have antibacterial properties which can kill off bacteria that are causing acne. Thus, your chances to have smoother and acne-free skin are greater once you used your face mask.

To make your very own home-made face mask, combine 1 tablespoon of pure aloe vera to 2 tablespoons of pure honey. Then add a ¼ tablespoon of powdered cinnamon to the mixture before applying it to your face. Wait and relax for about 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing your face thoroughly.

Another combination to make a home-made aloe face mask and by using lemon juice. This combination will able to cleanse the pores of your skin, killing the bacteria that might be causing acne in the process. It will make your face invigorated and refreshed.

To make this mask, prepare 2 tablespoons of aloe vera and mix ¼ teaspoon of lemon juice to it. If you have a bigger area to apply the mask with, use the ration 8 is to 1, 8 being the aloe and 1 being the lemon juice. This ratio will not irritate your skin with overwhelming acidity. Upon applying the mask, leave it for 5 to 10 minutes as well before rinsing it thoroughly.

  • Make Your Own Aloe Vera Antibacterial Spray

Aloe vera has the ability to boost cell growth of healthy skin. You may buy a cleansing spray to experience this effect, or you can make your own aloe cleanser.

Hydrating your face is one of the many abilities that cleanser can you provide you with. It will not over reproduce oil as well, which is the usual cause of clog pores.

To make aloe cleanser spray, mix ½ ounce of aloe vera to 1 ¼ ounce of purified water. Add two drops of nontoxic essential oil, then pour the mixture to a 2-ounce spray bottle.

Some reminders before finally using your home-made spray. Shake the bottle well and avoid spraying the content to your eyes.

  • Make Your Own Home-Made Scrub

Exfoliation is one method that you may use to eliminate dead skin cells and at the same time block pores. Thus beauty experts recommend using a home-made scrub made from aloe vera, sugar, and coconut oil. It is considered a natural approach to treat acne.

White cane sugar is what eliminate the dead skin cells. His job is important so that the aloe vera can penetrate into the skin and promote skin growth. What the coconut oil does is act as the antibacterial guard and professionals concluded of the promising treatment it can provide against acne. So, providing the three ingredients and using it as a scrub can give you a smooth and refresh skin.

For this scrub, use coconut oil for about ½ cup of it then pour the same amount of white sugar. Mix well. Once the formula has been mixed well, add ¼ cup of aloe vera gel and your scrub is done. You can keep this formula inside your fridge.

To use the scrub, gently scrub it to your face, avoiding the eye area in the process. Rinse thoroughly with water after you’re done exfoliating your face.

  • Home-Made Cleanser

Using aloe vera and tea tree oil, you can make your own cleanser. Simply combine purified water and aloe vera in a bowl then drop tea tree oil for about 2 to 3 drops. The cleanser is done, and you can apply it to your face. Make sure to rinse thoroughly after a minute then dry your face.

Aloe vera is not the only ingredient that has antibacterial property. Tea tree oil has it, too! So both aloe and tea tree oil have an acne-fighting formula. It may help get rid of the unwanted acne off your face. But remember that tea tree oil is acidic and potent. Thus, the cleanser should not stay on your face for long.

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