Castor Oil Hair Mask: How to Make It + Tips

Castor Oil Hair Mask: How to Make It + Tips

Every time we watch shows in our televisions, we stumble upon commercials of women with beautiful, long, and healthy hair. Suddenly, we see that they are endorsing a certain shampoo brand, hair product, or a famous salon. Out of curiosity and amazement, we will try some of the products endorsed and oftentimes we are left with nothing but disappointment. We will then ask ourselves how they managed to get that kind of hair when the product was not even effective in the first place.

In reality, not every product is suitable for everyone. Although it sounds unfortunate, it may actually be better for it to be that way. Because once there is a failure, there is a chance to improve by trying for something different. If you think commercial shampoos are not for you, maybe it’s time to try going natural instead. And if you want to achieve a fuller and longer hair, there is actually one product that is known to give the exact effect – castor oil.


The Beauty of Castor Oil

An oil that originated from the tropical regions that are found in Asia and Africa, castor oil is actually extracted from the seeds of a certain plant called the Ricinus communis. When the oil was discovered, it was advisable to be applied externally for topical use.

It has already been thousands of years ago since castor oil was first used by humans, and until now markets are still fully stocked with different castor oil products. During the times of ancient Egypt, they made use of the oil as burned fuel that gave light to their lamps. They also made use of the oil’s medical benefits by providing castor oil treatments for individuals suffering from certain eye irritations. The oil is also given for pregnant women to help them go into labor and to aid them for proper and safe childbirth.

In modern days, castor oil still has a powerful fan base and there are a lot of people that are proud to identify themselves as castor oil users. Most of the time, castor oil is used as a natural treatment for conditions that are considered to be common and non-life threatening such as constipation and a few ailments. But there is one specific area wherein castor oil is known to be very famous for; its use for wellness and beauty.


The Use of Castor Oil for Hair

Do you want a natural way to achieve your dream of getting long and fuller hair? The answer is here for you, it is castor oil.

Thinning hair

People who are having trouble with their hair, especially those who are experiencing severe hair fall and thinning hair, have always gone for castor oil to solve their problems. Other than that, castor oil is also famous for providing healthy scalp and hair.


Instead of using commercialized and chemically made conditioners, it is said that using natural products like castor oil for this purpose will give better results. Almost all reviews regarding the effect of castor oil as a natural conditioner are positive. And, they all say that it has the perfect moisturizing properties that helped them save their dry and damaged hairs.

Also, as an oil, it acts as a lubricant that supports the hair shaft. Better results are said to occur when castor oil is applied regularly, which makes the hair stronger and is given increased flexibility that reduces the chances of hair breakage and hair loss.


For people with dandruff, castor oil can also be used as a natural remedy for the scalp problem. First of all, a person with dandruff will often experience dryness of the scalp; and this is where castor oil will work its magic by providing additional moisture to lessen the dryness and the formation of flakes or scales.

Moreover, castor oil is scientifically proven to have anti-inflammatory properties. This is among the reasons why people believe it is a potential treatment for dandruff. Dandruff is actually caused by skin inflammation, it only differs in such a way that it develops on the scalp instead of other parts of the skin. Thus, it is said that castor oil may have the ability to get rid of the root cause of dandruff.


Are There Side Effects in Using Castor Oil?

Side effects of castor oil are common, but they rarely happen at the same time. Also, they aren’t that dangerous but it may still be best to minimize or stop the use of castor oil once they are experienced.

For side effects from topical use, there will be a few allergic reactions that may appear on the skin. To see if you are prone to allergic reactions, you should first try applying the oil on a small portion of the skin so you will get to see how the skin will react.


Creating Your Own Castor Oil Hair Mask

If you are still willing to take on the challenge and try the effects of castor oil yourself, you may want to try doing your own castor oil hair mask.

Most people do these hair masks to maintain their healthy hair or to improve them. Also, a lot of individuals have commended how their hair became softer and silkier from using castor oil hair masks.

If you want a boost and get even better results, you may add other ingredients that are also hair-friendly and hair-beneficial into your castor oil hair mask. I will be giving you an example of a hair mask mixture that you can easily try at home.

This may be called the “ultimate hair mask” because it is made from two of the best natural hair products that are castor oil and coconut oil. It is very easy to make this hair mask, you will only be needing castor oil, coconut oil, a bowl, and a spoon or spatula. To make it you will first need to put equal amounts of castor oil and coconut oil in the bowl, and then mix them together thoroughly. After mixing, you may start applying the hair mask on your scalp. It is best to massage the scalp while the hair mask is being applied. Then, the hair mask should be left on the scalp for about 45 minutes; you may wear a shower cap during this time and also set up your timer to 45 minutes. Lastly, rinse your hair and scalp well using regular shampoo.

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