Cat Scratch Disease: Signs, Causes, Treatment

Cat Scratch Disease: Signs, Causes, Treatment

A lot of us love our pets so dearly and we love to be with them always. We love to cuddle them always and sometimes we got scratches from them and we just don’t mind it. But don’t you know that even from little scratch we can catch some disease from our pets?

There are diseases we can get from our pets even if they seem so harmless. One of these is Cat Scratch Disease also known as cat scratch disease. This disease is a bacterial infection disease caused by Bartonella Henselae bacteria. Humans can be affected by this bacterial infection through cats bite, scratch and get contact with cats that are affected with this bacterial infection. You can also get infected when cats lick your open wound. Cats got infected through flea bites and droppings. Bartonella Henselae bacteria can be found in the cat’s saliva and cat’s fur.

There is no indication if the cat with these bacteria is infected. A kitten that are less than one year old are more likely a carrier of this bacteria. People who have a healthy immune system will not be affected severely with this disease.

Signs of Catscratch

  • Red rashes
  • Nausea and feeling weak
  • Reddish round bump
  • Swollen lymph nodes where the cat bite or scratch
  • Small blister me appear in the bite area
  • Abnormal cramps of the body
  • Muscle pain
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • General malaise

As the disease progress the painless lesion commonly the opening area of the bacteria becomes swollen due to bite or scratch after a few days or weeks. Your arm and neck area where lymph nodes located were also become swollen. If symptoms still persist you should go to your doctor for checkup and test if possible but most of the people got this disease resolve on their own and did not need any medical help.

Causes of Cat Scratch Disease

This disease occurs when bacteria called Henselae bacteria to enter your open wound and the bacteria will attack lymph nodes. Usually, transfer from cats scratch or bites and lick by the cat or kitten.

Treatment of Cat Scratch Disease

Treatment of Cat scratch disease will base on symptoms.

  • Wash the cat bite or scratch immediately after the cat bites or scratch you.
  • Always wash your hands after playing with your pet cats especially if you have children.
  • Always keep your cat clean and free from flea.
  • If Cat scratch disease affects you severely you can ask your doctor for antibiotics or what type of medication he can give to you.

It takes a few months to heal your swollen lymph nodes. There are people did not need any treatment tor medication for their Cat Scratch Disease especially if it’s not that serious.

Precautions You Make

  • Keep your cats away from your bedroom especially kittens
  • Do not play with your cat too much especially “rough play” they might bite you.
  • Keep them clean and well groom
  • Bring them to a veterinarian at least once a month to check their health status.
  • Feed them with notorious food.
  • Do not allow your cat to lick you especially if you have open wounds.
  • Control their fleas. Fleas are the culprit of spreading the bacteria.

Complications of Cat Scratch Disease

Though Cat Scratch Disease is not a that serious illness you may still face some complication such as:


When Henselae bacteria the bacteria responsible for cat scratch disease will reach your brain it will result in brain disease called encephalopathy. This brain disease can cause brain damage in severe cases.


If Henselae bacteria will reach the eye area the retina and optic nerve will be inflamed which will result in blurred vision or even blindness in some cases.


In some cases, the bacteria Henselae will affect the bone commonly called osteomyelitis. It will cause bone damage and it should be amputated.

Parinaud Oculoglandular Syndrome

A type of eye infection as a result of traveling of bacteria to the eye. Cat scratch fever is one of the reasons why parinaud oculoglandular syndrome happens. To treat this infection antibiotic medication is prescribed by a doctor. But in severe cases, patients should undergo surgery to get rid of the infection of the eye.

To avoid catching these diseases you should make sure that your pet cats and kitten are free from flea and you should keep them clean and well groom. Do not let your pet sleep in your bedroom and to expose too little children because they might catch cat scratch disease.


This disease is the result of certain infections that can inflame and enlarge the lymph nodes. Henselae bacteria can be one of the reasons for those enlargements of the lymph nodes.

Viral meningitis

In some severe cases, H. Bacteria can cause viral meningitis a contagious infectious disease. Though viral meningitis is not that serious as bacterial meningitis that can cause permanent damage to the patient it can still life-threatening if taken for granted.

Facts About Cat Scratch Disease       

H. Bacteria is also present in the cat’s furKittens are most likely to have cat scratch disease than adult cats.
In severe cases, cat scratch can cause serious complications.Cat scratch disease is curable and treatable.
22, 000 cases of cat scratch disease are found in the United State in America annually.Experts believe that most of the cats in the world carry H. Bacteria during their younger years.
The first case of cat scratch disease was recorded 100 years ago.If you are infected once of this disease you will be immune to H. bacteria and won’t get affected with cat scratch disease again.
This disease is much common in places with cold climate than in warm climate places.Kids are prone to this disease since they love to play with kittens.
It is not fatalFleas are the culprit of spreading the bacteria from cat to cat or kitten to kitten.


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