Clearblue Ovulation Test: How Accurate It Is?

Clearblue Ovulation Test: How Accurate It Is?

Clearblue Tests: A General Overview

The tests and products from the company known as Clearblue can aid individuals to come up with answers in terms of providing accurate results in a neat and convenient package based on the claims of the manufacturer itself on the company website ( But are these claims true? It seems that with their long history of producing such products (33 years in the market), Clearblue is quite confident that their products can deliver.

Some of the products of Clearblue include fertility monitors, ovulation tests, and pregnancy tests. But before we get into the specific details of the Clearblue Ovulation Test kit, let us first look at some of the common concepts surrounding the use of Clearblue’s products which is pregnancy.

Pregnancy 101

Individuals can only ever get pregnant by having sex that is unprotected meaning no form of contraception was used during the sexual act. This should also be done during a specific range of days within the cycle of menstruation leading to and together with the date of ovulation. This is the period when individuals are fertile. As such, those who are attempting to get pregnant can benefit from the Ovulation tests of the brand to help the patients determine the days when they are fertile and lead to faster pregnancy.

The next question might be “How will I know if I am already pregnant?” Several symptoms may show up early on in the individual’s pregnancy. They can be different from person to person. For people who are pregnant, they may or may not experience some symptoms of pregnancy which may include morning sickness, specific food cravings, and mood swings. This is where the Early Detection Pregnancy Kit of Clearblue comes in handy as it can be utilized up to 6 days before a period that is missed which is around five days before the start of an individual’s menstrual cycle.

Clearblue: What the Brand Stands For

Clearblue regards itself as one of the industry’s experts when it comes to pregnancy and fertility tests due to its almost three (3) decades of history. During these 30 years, Clearblue has been at the forefront of innovating its products and ensuring customer satisfaction by providing women with reassurance and confidence through their reliable and accurate products. This is the reason why 20 million women opt to go for Clearblue products and millions more look at the website of the company to get a clear picture of what they need as a customer.

The mission of Clearblue centers around the importance of women and as such, all the activities of the company are geared towards better products to address the needs of women. These include technological developments and education which covers testing, field trials, clinical studies research, and design. With this, the company wants to provide women a better way to handle their reproductive health. Behind all of these, are a slew of professionals ensuring that Clearblue products are accurate and reliable. These experts are from the field of medicine and healthcare and have extensive knowledge and understanding of the technology and science behind the products of Clearblue.

Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test: Accuracy and Reliability

This ovulation test from Clearblue has an accuracy rate pegged at more than 99% which is quite impressive. It is accurate in its detection of the LH or the luteinizing hormone of the uterus which surges before ovulation (around 24 hours to 36 hours to be exact). To get these accurate readings, the ovulation test kit from Clearblue uses a rapid sandwich approach which combines two (2) antibodies that are distinct to aid in the detection of two (2) sites that are antigenic on the molecule of the LH.

Simply put, if the urine of the patient contains LH, the ovulation test kit will have a surge line that is color blue to be read by the product’s digital reader mechanism. If the said surge goes beyond a certain point, then the test kit will indicate a surge which means that there is a high probability of conception if the individual will have intercourse within 24 to 48 hours.

It is also true that females may have a certain level of LH present in their urine at any point during their menstrual cycle. To avoid a false positive, Clearblue also ensured that their Ovulation test will have a defined threshold that is still personalized or customized for the individual using the test kit which translates to the test considering the baseline of the individual in terms of LH levels.

For most users, it can be challenging to interpret whether a surge occurred with as many as 25% of women coming up with an inaccurate reading for these surges if they use a test kit that is considered traditional. With results being taken down more accurately by digital readings, this potential for error in terms of human judgment and observation is greatly reduced or diminished. There exists some variation in terms of the duration of the total menstrual cycle among and between women and the said differences seem to be due to the variations in the cycle’s follicular cycle. Due to the differences in the length of the phases of the follicular cycle, the exact date of when a surge in the LH can be different for every female and each different cycle as well. This can make peak fertility timing more difficult and challenging for women.

To aid women in their goal of predicting their fertile peak periods and to ensure that they get the surge levels accurately, Clearblue offers different packs of this ovulation test and these are:

  • Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test- Pack of Seven (7) ideal for those female individuals with regular cycles
  • Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test- Pack of Twenty (20), which can give women increased chances of detection in terms of their LH surges and their peak fertility period.
  • How to use Clearblue ovulation test kit

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