What is Coolscuplting?

What is Coolscuplting?

Also referred to by some people as cryolipolysis, coolsculpting is an aesthetic or cosmetic procedure aimed at improving our body contour. The nonsurgical procedure targets to destroy fat cells by freezing and breaking these down gradually from beneath the skin and get them out of our body through the liver. Every session of this modern technique lasts for at least an hour, while treatment costs are estimated to be about $1,000 for every area to be addressed.

As it is becoming popular, the advanced cosmetic technique has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval back in 2012. Trademarks for both terms cryolipolysis and CoolSculpting were both granted to one of the well known aesthetic firms in the country, Zeltiq Aesthetics.

The reason behind the awarding of the trademarks is that the company has successfully conducted and published clinical studies that have proven the technique to be effective as it has showed 20 to 25 per cent decrease in the fat cells found in area that has been treated. The research studies from Zeltiq were also supported by claims from individuals who have tried the procedure claiming that its effectiveness can already be seen after several days of treatment.

Identifying the Side Effects or Risks of Undergoing CoolSculpting

Despite the need for further studies about this technique, coolsculpting has already shown great promise in the field of cosmetics. It is non-invasive, thus safer than liposuction and other currently available treatments aimed at reducing fat cells.

The surgery uses two cooling panels and no tissue cutting or manipulation is involved. So, the patient’s recovery time for this one is really faster as compared to when they underwent a surgical treatment.

With regards to the risks associated with the use of coolsculpting, sensation loss in the area that was treated is common for a month. Redness, minor swelling, tenderness and firmness in the affected area are also among the side effects. Pinching, tingling and stinging sensitivity can also be felt by the patient. Other things that are to be observed include mild pain, numbness, muscle cramping and skin sensitivity.

After several weeks of treatment, there are still some impacts that the patient can feel. But these are nothing to be worried of, so there is no need to panic as these will go away once the treatment sessions were completed. Included side effects are diarrhea since the broken fat cells are being eliminated, itchiness in the treatment area and throat fullness, especially in the chin and neck.

The side effects that are experienced by patients usually depends on the expertise of the person conducting coolsculpting. With this statement, it is highly suggested to just have the procedure performed by an experienced and expert one. Since this is a modern treatment, it is important to conduct thorough research on the person doug the technique to limit the complications or side effects that they can felt.

Areas Safe for Coolsculpting

For those who are interested in trying this procedure, below are the areas that are safe for eliminating the fat cell deposits.

  • thighs
  • upper neck
  • under the chin
  • abdomen
  • under the armpit
  • flanks
  • buttocks
  • back
  • under the buttocks

Cohorts Who Are Not to Undergo Coolsculpting

Even though coolsculpting is non-invasive and a considered safe surgery, there are still some groups of people who are discouraged to undergo this treatment. This is because their bodies may not be strong enough to tolerate the freezing temperature and will put them to at risk to serious health side effects. Here are some of the medical conditions that when seen in patients should not be recommended or advised for this treatment.

  • breastfeeding or pregnancy
  • a disorder called cryoglobulinemia in which the cold temperature response of a patient is abnormally alarming
  • cold agglutinin, as well as paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria wherein the red blood cells, are terribly damaged by temperature changes
  • diabetic neuropathy and chiblains
  • psoriasis, eczema and other immune system related skin diseases
  • scar tissue or skin
  • chronic pain
  • those with pacemakers
  • those who are in blood thinning treatments
  • hernia
  • severe anxiety

Rare Serious Side Effects of the Non-Invasive Treatment CoolSculpting

As safe as the treatment is, there are still rare but serious side effects observed with coolsculpting. Among these are skin color change, scarring in the affected area, lessened tongue movement, weakness in the lower lip muscle, lessened saliva production, frostbite, dry mouth, hyperpigmentation and lightheadedness. Subcutaneous induration, fat layering changes are also among the rare conditions to be experienced.

Positive Effects That CoolSculpting Has to Offer

Despite the serious but rare side effects of coolsculpting, we should not be super afraid to try this treatment as we can really benefit from this one. One of the positive effects that this advanced technique has been known for is that the fat cells that were broken down will not be enlarged again or will not return to its current size. In addition to this, the barriers in our skin will also not be compromised or broken which is commonly experienced in other cosmetic surgical treatments. Other benefits that we can get from this modern technology are as follow.

  • Less reported adverse effects
  • Instant or fat return to work
  • Low weight regain risk
  • Skin bumps and dimplings are zero to minimal

Personal Point of Views on CoolSculpting

My two cents on this newly approved surgical weight loss treatment is that it offers a beneficial low-risk alternative to those who are really aiming to lose weight fast, especially those who are having challenges with following a strict diet and exercise plan. However, we should also take into consideration that the research studies that were done on this technique is still not that many as compared to liposuction or other similar treatments. So, it is still important to discuss and consult with your doctor before undergoing coolsculpting. By consulting with a medical professional, you will be confident enough that the treatment you will have is the most appropriate and suitable for your body shape and makeup.

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