DIY Magnesium Oil Plus Benefits and Uses

DIY Magnesium Oil Plus Benefits and Uses

Magnesium is just as important as other minerals such as potassium, calcium, and zinc. But when we get to know the functions of magnesium, it may seem like it can be a lot more vital compared to the other mentioned minerals.



Magnesium is needed for the maintenance of the required amounts of potassium, calcium, and zinc. Without it, there may be high chances of getting deficient with the three minerals. Also, magnesium is needed by the body for the proper functioning of organs such as the heart, the muscles, and the kidneys.

Moreover, the lack of knowledge about the importance of magnesium made most people unable to get themselves the required daily intake of the mineral. The mineral is not necessarily an issue in most humans since it is found to have some amounts in different kinds of food. And there are also a lot of magnesium supplements that are said to be a better provider of magnesium minerals. If this is the case, why are there people who still encounter magnesium deficiency?


Magnesium Deficiency: A Worldwide Problem

It is unfortunate that magnesium is currently facing a low profile. Some people do not see the crucial effect of not having enough magnesium in the body. However, there are also a few individuals who have another health condition that causes a lack of magnesium.

The most common health conditions that may possibly result in magnesium deficiency are:

  • Most gastrointestinal issues lead to magnesium (and other vitamins and minerals) malabsorption.
  • Diabetic patients are prone to magnesium deficiency.
  • The kidney can be compromised by diseases that can affect the synthesis of magnesium in the body.
  • A few viruses that cause diarrhea and vomiting may lessen the body’s magnesium content.


A Solution to Magnesium Deficiency and Other Health Conditions

The rate of cases involving magnesium deficiency has become more alarming. So far, statistics provided by the World Health Organization show that many people of the U.S. population are not having enough magnesium. The result? Out of a hundred Americans, 60 people lack magnesium and only 40 of them somehow passed the required daily intake. Because of this, magnesium supplements were developed to easily supply those who are suffering from a lack of magnesium.

There is one particular product that has been gaining popularity as it is possible to be made at home – the magnesium oil. Luckily, this product is not only made for the purpose of treating magnesium deficiencies.


Do-It-Yourself Magnesium Oil

Magnesium oil – or better known as the combination of magnesium chloride and water – is actually a home medication that is used as a treatment for different health conditions. It is said to work the same way as the other functions of magnesium; wherein it was best used for people who suffer from sleep trouble and stress. Additionally, magnesium oil has been said to be effective in improving other health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. Plus, sufficient amounts of magnesium will also be helpful for enhancing the performance levels of individuals and in giving the skin the nutrients it needs for a healthier glow.

Magnesium oil is not literally an oil product. It got its name from the oily texture that happens to the magnesium chloride when the flakes are combined with the water. The easier way to get yourself magnesium oil is by purchasing branded products from the market or online stores. But as previously mentioned, it is also possible to make DIY magnesium oils.

Do-it-yourself magnesium oils are easy to make. There are actually lots of available instructions online that teach people the easiest and simplest ways to make DIY magnesium oil.

One of the main reasons why creating homemade magnesium oil has become well appreciated by many people is because they want to prevent and treat cases of magnesium deficiencies, and they also think that it is safer to use since the ingredients will be personally handpicked.


How to Make Your Own Magnesium Oil

Basic magnesium oil

The easiest way to make magnesium oil is by using the most basic ingredients: magnesium chloride flakes and water (specifically distilled). To start the procedure, you will be needing equal parts of magnesium chloride flakes and distilled water. The first step is to transfer the distilled water to a pot and then bring it to a boil. Second, prepare the magnesium chloride flakes by putting in a bowl. Third, slowly pour the boiled distilled water to the bowl and mix them together until the magnesium flakes are dissolved. Lastly, store the mixtures in a spray bottle once it gets to room temperature.


DIY Magnesium Oil: Its Benefits and Uses

Normally, magnesium oil is made for topical use. Therefore it is made for more of its benefits other than as a supplement for magnesium deficiency. Here are a few more reasons why DIY magnesium oil is preferable as a home remedy instead of other medications:

  1. It can be used to relieve different kinds of pain that are caused by conditions like arthritis and inflammation.
  2. Most of the time, magnesium oil is topically applied for muscle pain or pain from an injury.
  3. Can work as an essential oil that aids in better sleep and relaxation.
  4. Reduce headaches that range from mild ones to severe migraine.
  5. It can be applied and used as a treatment for skin conditions such as eczema.
  6. Cramps caused by premenstrual syndrome are minimized; it can also help relieve other PMS symptoms like extreme headache.
  7. The oil can work as a deodorant. There is a lot of positive review regarding this benefit and some of them even claim it to be better than the usual and commercial deodorants.
  8. Lessens occurrence of stress and anxiety, or if the person is already experiencing them it will help calm and relax the person’s nerves.
  9. Aids in balancing some hormones.
  10. Can be used as a mouthwash to promote healthy mouth and gums.
  11. A great source of magnesium that can provide the body with additional magnesium levels.

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