Fulvic Acid and How It Can Boost Your Health

Fulvic Acid and How It Can Boost Your Health

Who would have thought that with fulvic acid, you have decomposition giving you a big lift? It’s easy for anyone to put down the soil. What good can the ground on which we set our foot on and trample almost anything under do to us? But before you hold any bias to what seems to be a piece of dirt, hold your horses. Indeed, this humus-derived compound can get you the nutrients you need when you need it most. And it’s true. It would have been close to impossible for anyone to know of its wonderful abilities. But science has pointed out how much great benefit can come out of this fulvic compound. So great it could slow down your aging process.

Imagine that. Well, you could be in disbelief. And we wouldn’t be surprised. But it’s true. There is a lot to gain when dealing with this humus derivative. If you haven’t asked yet, fulvic acid can be processed from humus, exactly the ones found in soil. Or in aquatic environments. Or for that matter sediments. Sounds pretty desperate to need it? Not actually. If you know the great potential this soil extract has, you’d be racing to get an over the counter purchase to get one. Read on.


What the Heck is Fulvic Acid?

Thanks to its yellow color, fulvic acid’s name is derived from the Latin word, fulvus – a word which means yellowish or tawny. It is an organic matter that’s easily soluble in acid, strong acid to be exact with pH = 1. Indeed, it’s a family of the organic acids and is a component belonging to the humus – another name for soil. In one way, they are much like humic acids, just have some slight difference with their oxygen and carbon contents.

The good news about fulvic is it is availalbe in supplement form these days. You can have it in solid form as a mineral compound or in liquid form. What’s even better is compared to other entities you could derive from the soil, it passes through cellular membranes with ease – no incident at all. This is a great advantage as that would mean you won’t have a problem absorbing fulvic. Also, this means fulvic can aid in the assimilation of other substances and nutrients. That’s why fulvic is also utilized to boost plant growth – so nutrients from the ground are easily absorbed.

What Can It Do for You?

1. Detoxify

Humic acids are notable detoxifiers, improving energy. How is this done? The good thing is humic acids can bind themselves to toxins breaking them down and protecting the body in the process. Usually, these toxins enter the body in the form of our daily intake – in the water we drink, the food we eat and in various medication.

2. Brain boost

A study duly published in the Alzheimer’s Disease Journal show that the intake of fulvic comes with a host of antioxidants which boost brain health. This means added protection against cognitive impairments, chief amongst which is Alzheimer’s.

It has to be noted that an aggravating risk factor in cognitive disorder development is free radical damage. This can be countered by the presence of antioxidants in fulvic. Further, another factor in many cognitive disorders is the protein called tau. Good thing fulvic is a tau-destroyer. It aids in the lenght of this protein’s fibrils, stopping the spread of brain disease in the process.

3. Free radical fighter

When you talk about free radicals, you might as well talk about all the disease known to man. Why? Because whether you like it or not, they will all point to the presence of free radical damage. The thickening of the arterial walls for one is a good example. People may not have noticed it but heart disease is America’s #1 killer – stopping over 600,000 Americans die every year.

Free radicals are good to a certain extent. They help us fight some pathogens for instance and even boost our energy supply. The problem starts when free radical abound. It becomes a living nightmare which results in disease formation and faster aging.

Fortunately, fulvic acid harbors antioxidants a-plenty. It also aids in detoxifying the body – throwing toxins like radioactive waste away. What’s more, you get to improve your body’s overall health by giving electrons boosting cell lives in the process.

4. Skin protector

Over the years, fulvic has been extensively utilized to treat skin irritations. History shows how it has been effectively used in the treatment of viral infection affecting the skin. Even spider bites and bug bites. Added to this, there were many instances when it helped treat poison ivy and also poison oak irritations. Even the common athlete’s foot is no exception.

Of course, critics can say this is merely anecdotal – and not based on clinical studies. Still, it all makes a lot of sense as fulvic is known to boost circulation and strengthen immunity – driving away infections in the process.

5. Digestion booster

When it comes to digestive health getting ample supply of electrolytes and key trace minerals are essential. You may take fulvic in small amounts but still, you could have pronounced improvements in gut health as the ratio of beneficial bacteria living in the gut increases. This helps drive away pesky digestive issues such as diarrhea and constipation.

Even better, fulvic doesn’t just provide raw nutrients for the gut it also improves the absorption of key minerals and nutrients to the cells in the stomach. It does this by making these cells more permeable.


Plus, Greater Energy

One of the key takeaways when it comes to fulvic is energy improvement. Perhaps, this is a direct result of the minimized levels of toxins in the body. Also, as there is a lesser amount of inflammation and lesser damage due to free radicals, the body seems to come alive even more.

Studies done by Doctors Across Borders confirm this. Regarded as a foremost natural electrolyte, fulvic brings a whole new level of energy to the body. That’s why many patients drinking liquid fulvic acid may feel an instant boost in strength allowing them to carry heavier materials for instance.

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