Ginger Beer Bug: How to Make It at Home

Ginger Beer Bug: How to Make It at Home

Fermented beverages are considered to be a lot healthier and they serve as a great provider of nutritional benefits. Have you heard of probiotics? They are one of the top benefits we can get from fermented drinks. Plus, there are actually a lot of fermented drinks out in the market already, but are you aware of a specific drink called the ginger bug?


What Is a Ginger Bug?

There are different ingredients that are available for making fermented beverages. In the case of the ginger bug, the most common ingredients used are a few fresh ginger roots and some sugar. Through the process of fermentation, sugar is the main ingredient that gets converted into carbon dioxide gas and ethyl alcohol that is mostly needed for alcoholic beverages. Hence, the production of a ginger bug helps in making other kinds of beverages since the ginger bug serves as the base.

When compared to other fermented beverages, the ginger bug may not be considered as a tasty drink by itself; which is why it is instead used for another purpose as being the base of other drinks, as previously mentioned. There are a lot of drinks that use ginger bug as their base, some of them are tonics, homemade and fruit sodas, root beer, and ginger ale.


The Benefits of Ginger and Fermentation


You may have questions as to why it was ginger that was used for the ginger bug. First of all, ginger is a root crop that boasts with a lot of health benefits. Sometimes, it is even used as a completely natural remedy for some health conditions. It is also better than the ginger goes through the process of fermentation, which then adds more benefits than what the ginger can already provide.

The history of ginger was actually full of positivity and praises. Other than being a healthy spice and natural remedy, a lot of people appreciated the delicious and tangy taste of ginger. The combination of superb taste and amazing benefits gives ginger many advantages, and it being the main ingredient of ginger bug just shows how it is one of the most celebrated root crops ever.


Fermentation, on the other hand, is the best source of healthy probiotics that are essential for healthy digestion. Studies have shown how beneficial fermented food products are, which is why people with certain medical issues are even advised to eat fermented foods as part of their diets. Also, fermentation gives foods a newer taste. Because of the fermentation process, foods like soy and other vegetables are enjoyed for their new taste; and it is also because they turn into a completely new product after they are fermented.

The importance of the probiotics (from fermentation) to the body has something to do with the gut flora. Actually, it may be said that those probiotics are what the gut flora really needs in order to properly function and avoid any complications. You see, there will always be times when the body loses a lot of healthy microorganisms; they can either get damaged or completely destroyed. Therefore, the probiotics provide the body with more good microorganisms in place of those that were damaged.


Beer Through the Ages

Most adults are enjoying their free times by drinking some alcoholic drinks, and beer is one of the most enjoyed alcohol all over the world.

There is only one way to make beer, by fermentation, and the same applies to almost all other alcoholic beverages like wines and liquor. Beer is also considered to be rich in health benefits, in fact, it’s ingredients it were used as a treatment for different medical conditions during the practice of traditional medicine.

At first, it was the Chinese who found the healing benefits of hops (the main ingredient in making beer); thus using it for their medical practices. It was way back 2,500 years ago when China was completely into Taoism that they practiced the Chinese traditional medicine, and there they used the hops as one of their best medications.

For now, beer is appreciated as a leisure drink. It is also not that bad to drink this alcoholic beverage because of its alcohol content, but it would be dangerous if people drink too much of it.

How to Make Ginger Beer Bug

Ginger bug is simple to make, which is why it was considered as a base with easy recipes and it is often used in creating different homemade beverages. For one, there is actually a homemade beer which uses ginger bug as its base – the ginger beer. Also, who knows what an organic and naturally-made beer has to offer compared to those that are sold in markets?

So, how is this ginger bug made?

There are only a few requirements to make the perfect ginger bug for your ginger ale. The ingredients are organic ginger, some granulated sugar, filtered water, and the glass jar for fermentation. The first few steps to the procedure are also simple and easy to follow. First, place the grated organic ginger and granulated sugar into the glass jar. Second, add the filtered water and stir the mixture well until the sugar somehow disintegrates. Third, you will need to cover the jar using a clean cloth. Fourth, the bug will be left to start the fermentation process; make sure that it is stored in room temperature.

All throughout the days, it is important to “feed the bug”. Do not worry about the next steps since you will just be asked to add a few more additions to the ingredients. The next step will just be adding grated ginger and sugar each time, the bug will start to bubble if is ready for use. It is also advisable to add sugar to the bug before it is used, this helps the healthy bacteria and enzymes get more active.


The Takeaway

What’s the best thing about homemade beverages? They are experimental and versatile. Also, it is easier to manage their taste depending on a person’s preference. However, there are a few more things that make homemade beverages at the top of the game. They can actually be far better compared to commercially sold drinks when it comes to freshness and health; especially when you are able to do it by yourself since you are aware of the process and the ingredients used. It is also fun to make homemade beverages, specifically those that are made from other procedures such as fermentation.

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