Why Do Breast Implants Become Hard?

Why Do Breast Implants Become Hard?

Among the many cosmetic surgeries done these days breast implants happen to be one of the most common. And because of the high rise in demand for breast implants, they have been many articles informing people about all they need to know about this procedure. Well, there are chances that if you are reading this, you most likely have done the breast implant. Because today we will just be taking a look at the reasons why breast implants get hard. Many after some years of doing the implant, complain about the change in shape and size. Should that be the case? And just in case it does happen, what should you do about hard breast implants?

The truth is that a breast implant is a surgical procedure. And any surgical procedure comes with its risk and sometimes complications. There are times that some do not experience problems with their implants. But this doesn’t guarantee that every that gets a breast implant is safe from complications. The important thing is knowing that something is wrong with the implant. And also, finding out what you can do to fix it. Well, we’ve got you covered here since we will be looking at all that today.

Reasons Why Implants Get Hard

One interesting thing, about breast implants, is that the body recognizes them as a foreign body. After the first phase of healing, they become inert. And because of this, they are no longer reactive to the attacks from the body. So on the first encounter with breast implants, the body forms a capsule around the implant. It is this capsule that now helps protect the implant from any other attack from the body.

The implants that are being made these days are quite strong. They are strong and resilient. And that’s why many people don’t get replacements until after so many years. But even with that hardening of the implant can occur.

The hardening of the breast implant is known as capsular contracture. This is known as scarring of the breast implant. The hardening of the implant can lead to worse conditions. According to research, about 1 in 6 patients that did breast augmentation have capsular contracture. For some people, the symptoms are quite obvious. While for some the symptoms are not so glaring.

So what’s the cause of hardening? Well, experts have come up with some theories that can help explain the cause of the contracture. And the thing is that the cause can differ from patient to patient. One thing though that you must bear in mind is that this is not caused by the toxicity of breast implants.

Another thing that you have to bear in mind is that hardening of an implant can happen after any surgical implant. It doesn’t just happen with breast implants. It’s just that breast implants happen to be one of the common ones.

Also, the hardening of the implants is most times not harmful to a person. It can be dangerous if it ruptures in the body and leads to an infection.

Now back to the cause of breast implants getting hard. It is believed that genetics has a role to play in the hardening of the implants. People with a family history of autoimmune diseases or people that form very thick scars are at the risk of breast implant hardening.

Certain factors increase the risk of a person having capsular contracture. One of the risks is exposure to radiation therapy. So if you’ve been exposed to radiation after doing breast implants there are chances of capsular contracture.

Another risk factor is the formation of hematoma due to rupture of the implant. Hematoma is simply the build-up of blood in places where the tissue was removed for the surgery.

Remedies for Hard Breast Implants

These are some of the methods that can be used to correct capsular contracture or hardening of the implant.

  • Capsulectomy: In this procedure, the plastic surgeon would remove the implant as well as the tissue surrounding the implant. After that, the surgeon would place a new implant and then wrap the implant in a dermal matrix. This is a form of protection to the implant that is being placed in the breast. After that, the body would now form a capsule around the new implant. Which becomes a protective mechanism for the implant.
  • Open capsulotomy: During this procedure, the surgeon would try to cut open the capsule surrounding the implant. And this would be done by making small incisions around the tissue. After doing this, some of the capsules may be removed. This procedure aims to allow the capsule to pop open. So that the implant would be able to move around a lot better. And for some surgeons, they would remove the old implants and replace it with a new one.
  • Autologous reconstruction: This is a procedure wherein the surgeon would first remove the implant. Then the tissue would be reconstructed with tissue from another part of the body. It could be from your belly or your buttocks. One good thing about this procedure is that it reduces the risk of capsular contracture recurring. That’s because a capsule would no longer be able to form around the tissue. The thing though, is that this procedure is very complex. And also requires a lot of time for the person to recover.

One thing that’s very important to do before you opt for breast augmentation is done a thorough study. Breast implants are not dangerous or toxic but the techniques and implants used can cause certain problems. That’s why you must go with a good breast implant that would last for a long time. Also, make sure your plastic surgeon can be trusted. With a good plastic surgeon, the risk of having any complication would reduce greatly. The good thing is that there is a solution to many of the complications that arise. Just like the treatment options available for hard breast implants. So you don’t have to worry too much.

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