Best Herbal Supplements for Breast Milk Production

Best Herbal Supplements for Breast Milk Production

Many nursing mothers have heard about herbal supplements for breast milk production but they are not sure of how effective it is. While it is true that our body produces milk to meet the needs of the newborn, the appetite of the baby may exceed this milk production. Whether you are a first-time mother or an old one you may have experienced this. And In your bid to ensure that your child has enough food you began asking questions and even trying to find solutions on the internet.

There are natural remedies that can give a solution to this and amongst them is the use of the herbal supplement. Before you turn your back on this art maybe be because of a preconceived notion of herbs we want you to know that herbs do work. But this depends on the types and dosage you use. Just as there are drugs that are more effective in treating a particular disease than other drugs, there are also herbal supplements that are more effective in increasing breast milk production. This article brings you the best of these supplements. Not only will we list out the name, but we will also explain how they carry out their function so you know exactly what you are taking into your body.

Herbal Supplements For Breast Milk


The herb fenugreek has affected the hormone of the body resulting in increased milk production. This herb is anecdotally called galactagogues which are substances that improve milk supply. Fenugreek is usually sold in capsule forms or the powdered form although you can also use its leaves and seeds directly as an ingredient while cooking. The extract of this herb is used as a flavor for maple syrup thus if you take high doses of this you may have maple syrup odor too.

Blessed Thistle

This is almost similar to the fenugreek herbal plant, although it can only be used for medicinal purposes and not in cooing. blessed thistle has its capsule form or it can also be taken as a tincture or tea. Lactation teas like mother’s milk, usually contain blessed thistle or fenugreek as part of its ingredients. This company that produces this tea is based in the United States and Canada. However, in order to meet up the effect of a concentrated capsule, large quantities of this tea will have to be taken. Women drink between two to six cups daily and get pretty well-mixed results.


This is a licorice-flavored sweet herb that is considered as indigenous to Mediterranean seashores. Fennel has both medicinal and culinary uses and can be used as a treatment for various health conditions like menstrual issues and digestive problems. It is also effective in boosting breast milk production.


This herb is among the most cultivated and oldest crops in man’s history. It is very nutritious and has high minerals and vitamins. Alfalfa also contains antioxidants, high protein, low saturated fat, and high fiber. It serves as the main food source especially for dairy animals because it is said to increase breast the production of milk. Alfalfa can be safely included in a breastfeeding diet but do not use it in excess.

Goat’s rue

Both Goat’s rue and fenugreek belong to the same plant family. The dried form of Goat’s rue is used as supplements. How this works is that it helps the mother breast tissue build-up leading to more breast milk availability. However, never use the fresh form of Goat’s rue as it is highly dangerous.

Milk thistle

This Milk or Mary thistle herb has been linked with breastfeeding since centuries ago. The visible white veins in the plant are widely believed to symbolize breast milk thus legend has it that consumption of milk thistle will increase the person’s production of milk. No existing human study supports this claim though.

Brewer’s yeast

This healthy and nutritional supplement can boost the energy level fighting off baby blues. Brewer’s yeast is believed to aid in enhancing breast milk supply.


This traditional herb adds flavor to foods. It is also used as a treatment for various health issues like digestive problems or motion sickness. In some countries breastfeeding mothers take ginger as a natural way of increasing their milk supply. Including fresh ginger in your diet is safe for moms and can be moderately given to babies.


This is used as an ingredient worldwide. Throughout the centuries, garlic has been used for several reasons, like flavoring foods, for medication, and as a supplement. There are a lot of health benefits attached to garlic and it is listed amongst the safest addition to a breastfeeding diet. Garlic can change breast milk flavor and also increase its supply.


It is best to consult your doctor before starting out on any of these herbs. Although herbal treatments are often used this does not cancel the possibility of lactation herbs being dangerous so you have to tread with caution.

Just like most drugs, herbs do have some side effects this majorly depends on how it was prepared. let the baby’s doctor be aware that you are using herbs and also mention the type.

Some herbs are dangerous to pregnant women as it can lead to miscarriage or preterm labor. Be careful.


Herbs are to be used according to dosage. Some people make the mistake of using herbs when they feel and in any amount but this should not be so. Herbal supplements for breast milk production comes with the dosage, make sure to follow it. If you are not sure about the dosage then ask the retailer.

Herbal Supplements for Breast Milk

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