7 Home Remedies for Constipation

7 Home Remedies for Constipation

Do you feel bloated and full but can’t release everything that you want? Does your stomach ache because you were not able to pass stools for days? That may be a sign that you are constipated. Don’t worry because there are medical treatment and home remedies for constipation.



Constipation is the condition wherein a person can’t pass stools regularly or unable to empty the bowel. This is wherein you keep on pushing the waste out of your body but just can’t because your stools are hard and lumpy. The following are the causes of being constipated.

  • not eating enough fiber
  • change in eating habits or lifestyle
  • ignoring the urge to pass stools
  • not enough fluids
  • lack of exercise
  • medication
  • anxiety or depression

The feeling of being constipated is as worst as having a loose bowel movement. You are unable to do your tasks because the pain that you feel in your stomach and your worries on how to release that left waste is clouding up your mind.

It is easy to treat constipation because there are a lot of available medicines for it. It comes in tablet, syrup, and capsule. However, it is not easy to balance your bowel movement when you are constipated then you took medication.

My uncle recently felt constipated then he took a laxative to regulate his bowel movement. His constipation was gone but he had a loose bowel movement. He kept on telling that he would not drink laxative again because it caused difficulty in the balance of his bowel movement.

For those who do not want to take medicines or laxatives, here are seven home remedies for constipation just for you.

1. Eat Foods that Are Rich in Fiber

Fiber is a very important antioxidant. It helps to flush out toxins from our body. This is also a good aid for proper digestion.

There are a lot of foods, fruits, and vegetables wherein we can get fiber. Some of which are: cereals, wheat bread, whole grain, pineapple, and apple cider vinegar.

To avoid constipation, make sure that you consume fiber-rich food every day. If you are already constipated, eating pineapples will be a great help to empty your bowel. Just like what my friend does.

My friend used to eat pineapples whenever she feels constipated. Just after a few hours, she is already able to pass stools properly. It really works like magic.

Apple cider vinegar can also aid constipation according to Dr. Tasheem Bhatia, an Integrative Physician. Just add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to 200 ml water to pass stools properly.

2. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are also recommended by Dr. Bhatia as an aid in constipation because it is highly rich in fiber. Therefore, it is a great help for proper digestion.

It may be consumed as a snack or substitute to your dessert to help in proper digestion. Chia seeds are available in groceries and supermarket, so grab yours now.

3. Hibiscus Tea

Isn’t it refreshing to drink tea after eating too much at a party? Do you know what the best tea to relieve constipation? Hibiscus tea!

Imagine your stomach like a fist that keeps on tightening, that is what happens when you eat too much. Your stomach can’t digest food well because it is tightening and it leads to constipation. Hibiscus tea is proven to aid in digestion. It helps to loosen up the stomach thus enabling a person to pass stools properly.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

Did you ever experience not being able to pass stools properly after going camping or retreat? That might be because you were not able to drink enough water.

After coming home from a three-day retreat, my cousin kept on complaining that he has not passed any stool yet. Knowing that he does not drink water that much, I advised him to drink plenty of water. He did and he was so happy when he was able to release all of those wastes in his body at night.

Water plays a very important role in our body. In fact, our body is made up of 60 to 75 percent water. It acts like a fuel that keeps our engines (our muscles) moving. Even the slightest dehydration can affect so much of our body functions like digestion.

Make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your muscles and organs to work properly.

5. Exercise

One of the causes of constipation is a lack of exercise or movements. It is because if we do not move frequently, our body does not function well due to the difficulty of distribution of oxygen that also helps in keeping our bodywork.

Our teacher used to tell us before that he always gives activities for us to be able to move our bodies. It is because one of his students before died of heart complication due to lack of movements.

Although others say that exercise has no benefit for constipation, a recent study says otherwise. It showed that exercise reduces symptoms of constipation.

6. Eat Probiotic Foods

Almost everyone likes Yakult, I am one of those. However, did you ever feel the urge of passing a stool after a few minutes of drinking Yakult? Don’t worry, your stomach or appetite does not have a problem.

Yakult is one of the foods that are rich in probiotics. These are healthy bacteria needed by the body to flush out toxins. That is why it is a great aid for constipation because it regulates the digestion.

Kimchi and yogurt are also some of the foods that are rich in probiotics.

7. Prunes

Prunes are a great snack. Aside from being tasty, it is also a great aid for digestion. It is even considered as the natures remedy for constipation.

Prunes are also rich in fiber and it consist of a natural laxative. The effective dose to maximize its benefit is consuming 100 grams of prunes every day (about 14 medium-sized prunes). You do not have to take all 100 grams of prunes at once; you may divide it according to your desired portion.

Our nature is really filled with foods and other things that are not the only remedy for constipation but also in almost everything. Even with all these resources, we should not let things happen wherein we will need it. Remember, prevention is always better than cure and just like what they say, “eat healthy to stay healthy.”

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