Homemade Rice Heat Pack

Homemade Rice Heat Pack

It has been widely known that if you want to reheat your food, you will use a microwave. This is done by people around the world. But did you ever notice that there can be times when the warmness of your food easily disappears after you remove it from the microwave? If that is the case, then we have found the solution to your problem. Introducing: rice heat packs!

These packs are designed to keep your food warm for an additional one hour for you to enjoy your food better. But this is not the only purpose of the heat pack. Learn more about this through this article.


Wonderful Uses of Rice Heat Packs

As mentioned, heat packs can be used to keep your food warm. But aside from warming your food, you can also use these for the following purposes:

Hand warmers

Of course, during the cold weather, it is impossible for your hands not to get cold. Some even say that their hands are too cold to move. So if your thick gloves are no longer serving their purpose, you might want to consider using heat packs to warm your hands.

Better sleep

Surprisingly, you can use these packs for cold compress as well. In case you feel like the weather is too hot and no matter what you do, there is no chance of sleeping, try using a rice pack on your head. This will serve as an ice pack that can help you sleep better.

Flu and colds

When you are sick, especially when you have a cold or flu, you can use rice packs to keep you warm. It can also help you relieve muscle pain and other aches of your body.


Giving birth is no joke. There are a lot of women who suffered while giving birth. Luckily, some moms found out that having heat packs can help them ease pain and give birth better.

These are just some of the possible uses of rice packs. There are still more ways you can use it, depending on your needs. The good news is that it can be hot or cold, giving you more chances of using it whenever the weather may be.


Materials Needed

Once you are fully decided that you will be using rice packs, you may now proceed on finding the supplies needed to make it. Take note of the following:

  •         Needle or sewing machine
  •         White rice. Take note that it should not be used.
  •         Thread
  •         Any square material. It can be flannel, pillowcases, old sheets, or cotton.


How to Make a Rice Heat Pack?

After you are able to gather all the materials, you should now proceed to make the heat pack. Simply follow this step-by-step procedure:

Get your chosen material, either cotton, pillowcase, flannel, or an old sheet, and cut in into the half. Make sure that all sides have the same size. Then, sew two sides in order for the three sides to be closed while one end is open, In simpler terms, sew the long and bottom side to make it into a tube.

  1. Turn the open side inside out so that the rough ends are covered.
  2. Fill the open side using rice.
  3. Fold the opening by sewing it.
  4. Afterward, microwave the heat pack within 60 seconds in high temperature.

In the event that you were not able to find all the necessary materials for the heat pack, you can do the following variations.

Simple sleeve

You can also use a sleeve to make a heat pack. Be sure that it has a square material in order for you to make the pack. Just fold the material in half then sew two of its sides. Leave a thin end open for you to fill the square with rice. Once you were able to fill the material with rice, you can sew it.


An old pillowcase can do the trick as well. Simply cut the case into the half. Then, use one side in the bottom seam. Afterward, fill the opening with rice. Once you are done, sew the opening and do this in other parts of the case.

Knee-high sock

Aside from the sleeve and pillowcase, you can also use a sock, a knee-high type to be exact. All you need to do is fill the opening with rice and sew it after.

In addition, you can also make aromatherapy rice bags if you want to. Just add 10 to 20 drops of your chosen essential oil to the rice. The good news is that the essential oil can help you relax and relieve your muscles, which can be very effective when you are tired or on your way to a long trip.

All in all, rice heat packs are very convenient. You can bring this anywhere you want and still feel its effect after an hour. Another reason to love these is that these can be easily made at the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is find any square material and rice. There are even different alternatives for square material. It can be pillowcases or socks, depending on the material that you currently have at home.

Once you are done, you can enjoy its benefit as a warm compress. There are also those who recommend that you try using it as cold compress if you want to. The wonderful benefits of rice heat pack do not stop there as it can be turned into aromatherapy bags too! Just add 10 to 20 drops of your favorite essential oil, and you can already maximize its benefits.

Indeed, rice heat packs are not only beneficial but also convenient for you. It can also be trendy if you use unique designs for your material. Now, you have a heat pack that can make you feel warm wherever you are and whenever you need to. Just don’t forget it when you leave the house.

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