How To Have A Shorter Period Naturally

How To Have A Shorter Period Naturally

The duration of menstruation varies amongst women, your best friend may have her period within 2-3 days while yours last as long as 5-6 days. Does this mean there is something not quite right with you? Not! But if you are bothered then you can go see your gynecologist, maybe a word from a professional will calm you down. Yes, we know you are here to see how to have a shorter period naturally but before we delve into that there is some side information we would like you to acquire.

Several factors affect how long one’s period stays, they include; body mass, stress, hormones, and stress. The average time for a period to last is 2-7 days, but some periods last for more than a week, if this is your case then maybe a visit to the gynecologist is needed here. Some women notice that their period duration decreases as they grow older. Women who are on birth control pills usually have shorter periods. But if you would like to aid the shortening of your period, here are some techniques to try.

How To Shorten A Period Naturally

1. Use hormonal contraception or birth pills

Oral pills for birth control and injections can help regulate your menstrual cycle. Birth control that works with hormones also helps in reducing the days of your period and decreasing cramping. However if you are only recently starting to take these pills, your body needs a while before your period days become shorter. We are talking about several months here.

Some hormonal contraceptives will cut down your cycles for each year. An example. is Depo-Provera shot which when taken for a year may stop the woman’s period? Birth control shots and pills are only available and better used on prescription, you can discuss with your doctor what your best options are and the possible side effects of your option. Many factors should go into consideration when determining this.

2. Sex

When you reach the peak of sexual intercourse, what is known as orgasm, your menstrual flow and cramping are reduced. The reason for this is that orgasms cause your uterine muscle to contract. This helps in moving your period blood away from the uterus. The contractions will make your uterus shed away blood faster.

3. Regular exercise

The benefit of cardiovascular exercise goes beyond promoting your overall health, it also helps in lightening your period. It can also shorten the days of your flow. Exercising lessens the retention of water, which may reduce cramps and alleviate bloating.

You can draw out a suitable exercise plan with your health practitioner. Note that excessive exercise may lower your body fat to a large extent, and this can, in turn, decrease the mass index of your body to a worrisome unhealthy range. A decreased mass index could affect hormonal health. When your hormonal health is affected it can stop you from menstruating and impact your health negatively.

4. Healthy weight

Periods can be affected by weight fluctuations, they may become inconsistent. On the other hand, an overweight woman may experience heavier flows. Obese women are actually at an increased risk of heavier periods. They may also experience painful and heavy symptoms for a period, which could be weeks. The reason for this is the increased production of estrogen from their fat cells, making the cycles both longer and heavier.

If you notice that your periods are heavy, then, by all means, consult a doctor so your hormone can be tested. You may also get tips on healthy weight loss if need be. While this is not a short term technique in shortening your periods now, you would benefit from it in your future cycles.

5. Nutrients

You may want to make friends with certain micronutrients, especially vitamin B families. These nutrients not only improve your general health, but they also lighten your flow at the same time alleviating more menstrual symptoms. The B6 vitamin is one to look out for as it is capable of carrying out these functions. You can find it in foods like poultry, fish, and eggs.

6. Water

As simple as this may seem, water actually can help relieve menstrual symptoms. Try to stay hydrated all the time, especially during your period. If you normally would take less than the recommended eight glasses per day, give it a try when on your period and see the results for yourself.

When you are hydrated, the back pains and cramps may be lessened. Water also prevents your blood from getting thick.

7. Herbal Remedies

There are a few herbal treatments that have been clinically proven to help relieve painful and long menstruation. Although there is still the need for more research to ascertain the claims of these herbal treatments, you can discuss it with a doctor. They include:

  • Fennel – This herbal mix has both anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which may reduce premenstrual symptoms and decrease the days of your flow.
  • Ginger – Most people are familiar with ginger for its many health benefits but not every woman knows that it may be able to remedy their heavy menstrual bleeding.
  • Raspberry leaf– this leaf works by relaxing the muscles, which in turn will decrease its contractions.
  • Myrtle fruit – The syrup of this fruit reduces heavy bleeding.


It is not so much of a big deal to want to have shorter periods sometimes if it is done safely. You can check your gynecologist to discuss the best ways to go about cutting away some days of your period. If you experience periods that last for more than seven days please go to your doctor, it may be a cause of health concern. A good doctor will examine you to check for underlying conditions or rule out some.

We hope you find some of the listed techniques on how to shorten your period naturally helpful. And don’t forget, be safe. don’t try any tricky thing.

How To Shorten Period Naturally

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