How to Make Bath Bombs

How to Make Bath Bombs

Parents may have encountered the craze known as bath bombs due to some of their teen or tween children. They are technically mixtures that packed into a compact mix of various ingredients which when placed into water or liquids will bubble and fizz.

Most people consider bath bombs special bath time treats. But people who may be crazy for them might overlook the ingredients that aren’t all that good for your skin.

One way to ensure your bath treats have quality ingredients is to make them on your own.

Why Make Them On Your Own

Homemade bath bombs can be the perfect solution for people who wish to go all natural on their bath bombs or for individuals who wish to customize the fragrance and the flavor of the said bath time treat. This is understandable as most of them are used for personal pleasure or given as a gift to loved ones during special occasions.

In fact, homemade variants are considered less toxic and much more practical than those bought from stores. But what is exactly inside bath bombs that make them fizz and bubble?

Ingredients for Making Bath Bombs

Making bath bombs is fun and easy to make, taking up only a few seconds in terms of prep time. However, individuals wanting to create their own bath bombs need to make sure that they have the ingredients prepared and measured to ensure the efficient making of these bath time treats.

The preparation of these ingredients should not pose a challenge for most individuals as they can be readily available in stores and could even be present at home in a cupboard. Listed below are some of the main ingredients of bath bombs.

Baking Soda

The baking soda that alkalizes bath bombs is actually the main ingredient of this recipe. Baking soda is needed to balance out the acidity and the fizzy reaction brought about by citric acid

Citric Acid

Citric acid may be one of the ingredients that people may not have on hand as it is considered one of the obscure ingredients of bath bombs making less common than the other items on this list. Citric acid is extremely important as it is responsible for that champagne like bath feeling caused by the fizzing of processed citric acid.

Arrowroot or Cornstarch

Cornstarch is also an important ingredient as it is the main provider of the silky smooth feeling in bath bombs. Arrowroot can also be used as an alternative to cornstarch but it may not offer the same level of silkiness as cornstarch.

Liquid, Salt, and Oil

These three can be used in a variety of different ways when making bath bombs. Oils that can be used can include apricot oil, argan oil, buckthorn oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and olive oil. Salts that can be used include Epsom salt, even basic salt will do. For liquids, while regular water will already do the job, adding organic witch hazel can provide extra benefits for the skin such as skin relaxation and soothing properties.

Colors and Scents

For colors and scents, individuals can choose from an almost infinite array of options for their bath bombs. Some popular essential oil faves include rose/ylang-ylang and lavender/vanilla. The combinations are limitless. Young kids may want to stay away from bath bombs that can cause allergic reactions and should instead stick to those that provide kid-friendly recipes or blends. Natural coloring or dyes may also be used to add a little personality and color.

Other Necessary Equipment

While most home-made bombs will not require any specialized equipment, some form or equipment assistance may help improve the consistency and the quality of the bath bombs produced. This includes digital scales to get the right size and proportions and shapes or molds to come up with different styles and fancy shapes of bath bombs.

Instructions on How to Make Bath Bombs

They are fairly simple to make and even kids can create homemade variants of this bath time treat. Compared to other beauty products which require precise measurements and inclusion of ingredients, they are not that difficult to concoct and does not require extreme precision. Enumerated below are steps on how to create them:

  1. Ingredients such as cornstarch, citric acid, salt, and baking soda should all be mixed and combined in a huge bowl.
  2. In another smaller container, mix witch hazel with oil and vanilla extract before stirring well. Essential oils should also be added during this stage in the process.
  3. Mix the ingredients that are liquid with the ingredients that are solid making sure to mix in the liquid in small amounts. The mixture may be mixed and combined using the individual’s own hands.
  4. The mixture may then be squeezed or compacted, making sure the mixture does not crumble
  5. Squeezed mixtures can then be pressed into a mold
  6. Once dry, the bath bomb may then be removed from the mold and used within two (2) weeks.

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