How to Produce Breast Milk Faster

How to Produce Breast Milk Faster

To know that you have a low supply of breast milk is not easy. But this has become a problem for a lot of mothers, especially when they are about to give birth or just gave birth to their child. If you are one of those mothers who are worried about her milk supply, continue reading this article. You’ll learn a few tips on how to produce breast milk faster.


Possible Causes of Low Breast Milk Supply

Before you get to know the different ways you can increase your milk supply, you must know the potential causes for you to prevent them. Here are some:

  1.   When you have retained placenta, uncontrolled anemia, or postpartum hemorrhage. There is also a chance that you might end up having a low supply of breast milk when you have the following: hormonal problems and anatomical problems. Smoking and taking medications may have an effect as well.
  2.   If the baby is experiencing anatomical or health problems.
  3.   In the event that you are offering one breast only when you do breastfeeding sessions. You can only do one breast at a time if your breast milk is well-established already. Another time that you can do this is when the baby’s weight is okay. Otherwise, this strategy is not recommended.
  4.   If you are used to cutting the length of breastfeeding, it might have an effect on the supply of your milk. This means that you stop feeding even if the baby is not yet done. Doing this will just interfere with the milk cycle.
  5.   Having a very sleepy baby can have an impact on your milk too. This is because when the baby sleeps too much, the nursing session is lessened or only happens in short periods.
  6.   Having scheduled feedings might be good as you slowly train your baby the time to be hungry. But this can have an effect on your milk supply. In case you interfere with the milk cycle, there is a huge chance that the amount of milk will decrease.
  7.   While a nipple shield can be beneficial for you, it may be bad for your milk supply. It has been said that a nipple shield can lessen the stimulation in your nipple. It will also have an impact on milk transfer.
  8.   Pacifiers are usually used by babies. But if the baby is so used to using pacifiers, it will choose that over your breast, leading to your supply to lessen.

There are other possible reasons how your milk supply will decrease. If you believe that you have been doing the abovementioned causes, and you think that your milk supply is low, immediately visit a consultant. Be sure that it is a breastfeeding counselor or lactation consultant to get the best answers to your problems.


Tips on How to Produce Breast Milk Faster

Since your baby is still growing, he or she needs all the nutrients that he or she can get. Some of these will come from your milk supply. In the event that you are sure that you are lacking milk supply, you can do these:

Take galactagogue

It is a herb or sometimes can be bought as a medication to increase your milk supply.

Try pumping

It has been said that you can do pumping sessions, particularly between nursing sessions, or you can do this after breastfeeding. This can make removing milk from your breast faster. But if you are pumping to produce milk faster, you need to eliminate a huge amount of milk from your breast. To achieve this, you need to pump for up to 5 minutes after you are done breastfeeding.

Take care of yourself

As a mom, your priority is to take care of your baby. But it would also mean that you need to take care of yourself as well. Be sure to take a rest once in a while. Seep if you can. You can sleep whenever your baby sleeps. Relaxing your body and mind will help as well. Lastly, be sure that you eat and drink.

Focus on giving your baby breastmilk only

As much as possible, avoid giving your baby formula, water, and other solid. This is applicable to babies that are six months or younger.

If you can, avoid giving your baby bottles and pacifiers

As mentioned above, these can cause low milk supply. Also, the objective is that the baby will depend on your breast for sucking needs.

Switch the side of your breast during a nursing session

This means that you switch for 3 or if possible more than when you feed your baby. You can switch whenever the baby is asleep. This is because you want your baby to prevent losing interest in sucking. Take note that before you switch, be sure that the baby is done.

A nursing vacation is needed

To do this, you need to sleep with your baby for about two to three days. During this time, you need to nurse as much as possible. In the morning, you can do 1.5 to 2 hours, while at night, you need to nurse your baby every 3 hours.

Lastly, it is very important that you nurse properly

If you are not nursing the baby well, it could lead to lower breast milk supply. Keep in mind that the baby needs to be comfortable during the breastfeeding session. He or she should not have a hard time getting milk from you.

Breastfeeding is not a joke. It will give you pain and a lot of sleepless nights. If you do not want to suffer from low breast milk supply, you can do the tips mentioned earlier. Visiting your doctor once in a while will help as well. You can ask for tips and other techniques that you can do to make your breastfeeding session better than before.

Remember, breastfeeding is an important routine that you and your baby should do. Without it, your baby may lack some nutrients. Of course, as a mother, you do not want that. So always check the way you breastfeed your baby and take care of yourself to prevent low breastmilk supply.

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