How to Stay Awake Naturally

How to Stay Awake Naturally

“What is sleep?” the common question of almost everyone.

Presentations, reports, paper works, and other projects that are due tomorrow are what consume most of our time—apart from social media and online games. Maybe they are right that 24 hours is really not enough to finish our tasks every day in this busy world.

Due to these responsibilities and tasks that we have, we really need to stay awake and alert most of the time. Yes, sleeping for six to eight hours is needed but it is almost impossible to do it in modern times. Our hands are filled with tasks that need us to stay awake for 16 up to 20 hours to finish.

Drinking coffee and consuming caffeine are the common ways on how someone stays awake to finish their tasks. Is consuming caffeine the only way to stay awake?

Learn more about how to stay awake naturally by reading this article.


Why Do We Feel Sleepy?

Do you ever wonder why do we feel sleepy? Is it just in our nature or is there a science behind it?

Our brains are considered as the “motherboard” of our body. However, unlike those in computers, our brains do much more tasks. It is responsible for all of our body functions.

The brain is also the reason why people feel sleepy. It produces a sleep-inducing molecule called adenosine that inhibits the neurons. This molecule slows down the release of brain signaling molecules making a person sleepy.

Most people drink coffee or eat chocolates in order to stay awake for more hours or when they need to finish a task. However, too much caffeine has bad effects too. It may lead to insomnia, dehydration, and other chronic diseases.

Is there a way how to stay awake without consuming caffeine? Good news, there is! Or are because there are multiple ways on how to stay awake naturally.


Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Starting your day right is an important factor in staying alert the whole day. How do we start our day right? By eating a healthy breakfast. Just like what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Studies show that eating a breakfast that is rich in fiber and carbohydrates increases mental alertness and concentration while eating foods that are high in sugar for breakfast decreases alertness.
Foods that are rich in fiber and carbohydrates are oatmeal, cereals, wheat bread, and various fruits and vegetables.

Whenever you are looking for something to eat for breakfast, avoid grabbing that doughnut or cake. Do not eat chocolates after breakfast as well. Foods that are high in sugar also cause someone to feel hungry more often.


Orange Juice

If you are one of those very few people who prefer drinking freshly squeezed orange juice than coffee in the morning, you are on the right track.

Oranges contain flavonoids that help in maintaining alertness and higher cognitive function. This is the reason why people who drink orange juice and other citrus juice in the morning stays alert and lively all throughout the day.
The next time that you will be asked coffee or orange juice, choose the latter.


Bright Lights

One of the movie clichés is opening the window curtains to awake the character that is sleeping. Then the character would groan and cover his face with a pillow and get up after a while.

Do you ever find it funny that someone would be awake with that sunshine from the window? It may seem like it but it is really an effective way to wake up someone, apart from shouting and nagging.

Our brains are programmed to stay awake or alert when there is light, the reason why we are awake in the morning and asleep at night.

Taking a walk under the sun would be a great way to help you stay alert and awake for extra hours during the whole day.

“What if I need to stay awake at night? There is no sun during that time.” That might be your thought right now. Do not worry because light bulbs are there to help you.

Whenever you are working on a project at night, it is better to have a brighter light. In that way, your brain will be “tricked” that it is still day time and it has to stay alert.


Listening to Music

One way to stay awake naturally is to produce “happy hormones.” Some of those are oxytocin and dopamine. These help our brain to lessen the production of adenosine.

Listening to music does not only help you groove and move your body, but it also helps in producing oxytocin and dopamine. This makes a person happy, energetic, and alert.

I personally agree with this because whenever I am doing some paper works at night, I always have my music on. For some reason, it helps me to focus and work faster. I can also understand the words that I read better when I have music on.



You might have heard it already and I’ll tell it again. Drink plenty of water if you want to stay awake naturally.

Our body is composed of mostly water. Water is also needed by our body to replenish the fluid that we lose while sleeping at night. Most importantly, water helps us to stay hydrated.

Doctors warned that if people would lack even just 1% of the advised water intake (eight glasses a day), it would affect our body greatly. It may lead to fatigue that would cause lower alertness and concentration.

Make sure to drink the right amount of water to stay alert and healthy.


Cold Shower

Have you done everything to stay awake but still feel sleepy? After reading this article, grab your towel and take a cold shower.

A cold shower helps in increasing the metabolic rate. Higher metabolic rate means a lower risk of fatigue. Therefore, a cold shower helps us to concentrate and stay alert.

The next time that you will need to stay awake for extra hours, try these easy tips.

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