Ways to Make Swallowing Pills Easier

Ways to Make Swallowing Pills Easier

In order to survive this world full of health conditions that vary from the smallest to the most complicated diseases and illnesses, it is important to not only have proper diet but also specific medications that play a huge in role in treatments.

Medication pertains to all medicines that serve as treatment or prevention for certain types of diseases. These medications can be classified as generic or branded drugs.

The two classifications of medication drugs which are generic and branded, do not have a lot of differences. In fact, their common characteristics are more known. Both drugs have the same purpose, dosage, effects, and others; while their only difference is their name. Since they are the same, the generic drugs serve as the cheaper version of the branded ones. The easiest way to differentiate a generic drug from the branded drug is their name and their price in the market. Also, branded drugs are sold and manufactured by big pharmaceutical companies while generic drugs are made by local pharmaceutical manufacturers.


Medicinal Route of Administration

Another way of classifying medications is from their physical attributes and route of administration.

These are some of the different drugs and medication based on their route of administration:

Oral Route

The oral route is the most common route of administration for medications. The drugs that are taken orally are made in the form of liquids and solid drugs such as capsules and tablets. The medications that are under the oral route are one of the easiest ways of medicine intake, they are also considered to be a lot cheaper and even safer than the others.

The downside of oral medicines is their method of absorption differs per medication. Some of the oral drugs are easily absorbed while it passes through the mouth and the stomach, while there are others that only get absorbed by the small intestine.

The activity of absorption in the small intestine starts when the drug is processed by the intestinal walls to pass it through the liver in order for it to be properly transported to its target site by transportation of the bloodstream.

Also, there are certain oral drugs that are chemically affected by the intestinal composition. When the intestinal acids break the medicine down, there is a possibility that most of the content of the drugs will not be completely distributed to the bloodstream.

Another disadvantage of oral medicine is that not all people can easily swallow these kinds of medication, specifically those that are in liquid or gel form. There are also some people who have a swallowing disorder known as dysphagia. This is an indication that another route of administration is needed for the drug intake.

Injection Route

Some medications are required to be given via injection in order for it to immediately take effect. When compared to the oral route, the injection route is faster acting and is more effective. There are more than one ways for the injection route to be performed, and they are:

  • Subcutaneous: the drug is injected through the skin
  • Intramuscular: the drug is injected through the muscles
  • Intravenous: the drug is injected through the veins
  • Intrathecal: the drug is injected at specific areas of the spinal cord

Sublingual and buccal routes

These routes are almost the same as the oral route, the only difference is that they are not directly swallowed but are instead dissolved under the tongue (sublingual) where the drug is absorbed by the major veins present or through the gums and teeth (buccally).

Rectal route

Another alternative way of medicine intake is through the rectal route. The vein composition of a person’s anus is capable of absorbing the medicine and it is also considered to be a fast-acting route.

Vaginal route

The vaginal route is used for the treatment of most vaginal-related cases. Medications are often in the form of a solution, tablets, cream, and gel among others. The vaginal route is commonly used for the medication of women who experience menopausal symptoms like dryness and redness.

The following are just some of the different routes of administration for medicine intake. However, some of them are applied for specific treatments; while most drugs that are used as a treatment for the diseases that humans encounter are commonly given orally. Unfortunately, those who suffer from difficulties in swallowing have problems with oral medications. Therefore, a few ways were discovered to somehow ease the swallowing difficulties of people with dysphagia or those who just find it hard to swallow the bigger oral pills and tablets.


How to Swallow Pills

Drink your oral medication with lots of water.

The water can act as the main agent that helps in pushing down tablets or any oral medication. Also, when people ask for a doctor’s advice regarding easier ways to swallow pills, they will 100 percent suggest drinking a lot of water. This is because the water will greatly help in making the medicine moist so it can easily slide down the throat.

The suggested use of water is by drinking a few gulps before the intake of the medicine, this is where the water serves as a lubricant. Then as you swallow the pill you should still be drinking water, even until the pill gets completely swallowed; it is still advised to continue drinking water.

You can try doing the bottle method in swallowing oral tablets.

By using a water bottle, there can be pressure that can help the pill get easily swallowed. This is done by placing the drug on the tongue and by completely closing the lips around the mouth of the bottle. The next step is to powerfully drink the water by sucking in order for the pill to move together with the water into the throat.

The use of oral lubricants is also advisable.

There are available mouth lubricants that are made for the sole purpose of making swallowing pills easier. Use the lubricant before drinking the medicine for it to take effect. This is only advisable when the water method does not work since most specialists say that the use of the water method is somehow already enough as a trick for easier pill swallowing.

Place the oral medicine in soft food.

Most people use the method of placing the medicine in soft food for easier swallowing. One of the best ways to do this method is by chewing a few bites of the soft food (best bet is a banana!) and then slowly place the pill inside the chewed portion. This way you will just be thinking of swallowing the food but in reality, it has the pill inside it!


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