How to Remove Warts or Skin Tags with Hydrogen Peroxide

How to Remove Warts or Skin Tags with Hydrogen Peroxide

Warts and skin tags may appear on our skin as we grow older. Good news is, there are ways to remove them. Seeing a dermatologist is the safest way to go. But some people say home remedies can also work. Using hydrogen peroxide on warts and skin tags, is potentially helpful, with cautious use.


Warts and Aging

As we grow old, it is just normal that our body shows signs of aging. By the time that we reach our 30s, we will notice the aging signs to start appearing. Among the signs are the appearance of skin tags and warts. Characterized as a small and soft piece of skin that is hanging that has an irregular shape in appearance, skin tags are also known in different names such as cutaneous tags, soft fibroma, fibroma molluscum, arochordon, cutaneous papilloma and many more. Skin tags affect both women and men but are more frequent to those who are in the midlife. Those who are new to having skin tags may be scared at first sight but this is non-cancerous or benign as well as can be eliminated for cosmetic purposes.


Skin Tags vs. Warts

Just like skin tags which appear on various body parts such as armpits, groin, just below the breasts, eyelids, upper chest and the neck, warts are also seen in the different parts of the body. However, unlike skin tags which can go unnoticed, warts should be taken seriously as it may be caused by human papillomavirus infection. Warts are classified into some which include plantar warts that are found on the feet soles, common warts that are visible on the fingers and genital warts that result from sexually transmitted disease.

There are various ways to remove warts and skin tags. Among these are through cauterization, cryosurgery, excision or ligation. Cauterization is done by burning the skin tags or warts through electrolysis. On the other hand, warts and skin tags are frozen with the use of liquid nitrogen in cryosurgery. Ligation is done by interrupting the blood supply that goes to the affected areas. Finally, excision happens by cutting out the skin tags or warts through a scalpel.

The medically proven methods above are the most effective and safest. However, for those whose skin tags or warts are so small but still want to eliminate them without going through these medical procedures, there is a home remedy that they could always try. This method is through the use of hydrogen peroxide. To learn more about this method, here are some important facts to learn about the effects of hydrogen peroxide on warts and skin tags.


Availability of Hydrogen Peroxide

The use of hydrogen peroxide on warts and skin tags has been a common practice for a long time now. I was still a young kid when my mother used hydrogen peroxide to remove a wart found on my finger. However, the question now is whether this solution is available and what is the specific type of hydrogen peroxide on warts and skin tags.

In order to experience its effectiveness, the best type of hydrogen peroxide to use is the one called as the 35 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide. Although the weaker ones are very popular in the local pharmaceutical stores, the type that we need to act against skin tags and warts are hard to purchase. Thanks to the fame of the Internet as the 35 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide is now available to many online sellers.

However, just as a reminder as this type has a high concentration of the solution it is important to be extra careful and cautious when using this. First of all, it is important to know that this solution should be stored in a dark container and be labeled accordingly. Second, the substance should be in cold temperature as light and heat can cause the content to break down easily. Above all, just as how we store dangerous substances we need to place it in a location that is not accessible to children as it could be toxic and dangerous to them when ingested.


Step by Step Procedure on Using Hydrogen Peroxide to Remove Warts and Skin Tags

Before applying the hydrogen peroxide, it is best to first gather all the materials needed. Below are the materials that you need:

  1. Cotton swabs
  2. 35 percent hydrogen peroxide
  3. Pumice or nail file

Here are the steps to follow to effectively eliminate skin tags and warts using hydrogen peroxide.

  1. For those who have plantar warts, the initial step is to remove the skin’s top layer with the use of the nail file.
  2. Afterward, get the cotton swabs and carefully soak them on the strong hydrogen peroxide solution.
  3. Once the solution has been absorbed by the cotton, carefully apply it onto the skin tag or warts.
  4. As the solution is a strong one, please be cautious and careful enough to not affect the normal skin near warts or the skin tags.
  5. Ensure that the steps above are done at least three or five at the most times a week until warts or the skin tags have been eliminated.


Other Important Notes on the Use of Hydrogen Peroxide on Warts and Skin Tags

Once you have started applying hydrogen peroxide on the skin tags and warts, you will notice that the appearance of those that have been applied with will become white. There is nothing to worry as this is just normal and it is an indication that the treatment is working. Continue using the substance until the skin tag or the wart falls off.

If you have been applying the solution for a long time now and it seems that the treatment is not working, then it is best to try the other natural remedies. One of the most recommended ones aside from hydrogen peroxide is the apple cider vinegar. This one is very effective especially to those with warts on their hands.

Just a quick reminder, to avoid any troubles with the use of this substance, it is important to not use it when removing skin tags or warts in the eyelids as it can harm your eyes. Also, it is essential that this strong solution not be applied as a treatment if warts or the skin tags are located in a sensitive part such as the genitals as it could cause more harm or damage than help.

Hydrogen Peroxide on Warts and Skin Tags

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