How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on the Inner Thighs

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on the Inner Thighs

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful occurrences that happen to a woman, a married couple, and being a human as a whole. It is where the woman bears a child inside her womb, carry the baby for months, deliver, and bring another life to the world. Usually, women gain mass while carrying the baby as it is a natural evolution that happens to the body in bearing a child while the bearer needs some extra calories ensuring the baby is safe and healthy inside the womb till birth. After giving birth the woman aims to bring back her old body form and unfortunately there are marks left behind. Hence, treating stretch marks is a lifelong process.

There are a lot of people having problems with this and they are not only women, or pregnant women, but also men who gained weight wishing to have a healthier type of body and lifestyle, either they lose weight or gain weight.  We’ll check and find what stretch marks are, signs and symptoms, effects, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment, particularly on how the inner thighs stretch mark removal is done.

Stretch Marks, What Are They?

These are mark lines, or stripes, that appears on the skin after a period when the skin is stretched beyond its natural limit. This happens during pregnancy, weight loss or weight gain from bodybuilding, and sometimes puberty. It is easy to identify because they are long and narrow stripes usually seen on the stomach, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arm, armpit, buttocks, and lower back.

Anyone can have stretch marks, but most of the time women acquire these marks because of their body transformation during pregnancy. In some cases, stretch marks are already present in the early stages of childhood to puberty, where the male or female experience changes in their body as they grow. The colors vary and often fades on their own usually starting from red, purple, and white as they descend in appearance in time.

Factors Leading to Stretch Marks

Stretch marks bring down confidence, mostly to women, because it cause self-image and anxiety problems. They usually develop as wrinkles and often times when the skin turns pink and appears thin. It is common to experience some irritation on the part where the stretch mark will be present. Medical studies tell that the cause of stretch mark is through the tear of the dermis, a skin layer, which is the fast stretching of the skin due to the rapid weight changes. Here are some of the common causes of skin stretching in detail:

  • Puberty

the period where adolescents cause physical changes for both female usually happens at the age of ten to fourteen, and male, twelve to sixteen, which can lead to a stretch mark.

  • Rapid Weight Gain and Body Building

Eating, sleeping, and gaining weight fast in a short period of time is sure to cause stretch marks.

  • Pregnancy

because of the body changes that women experience in 9 months, skin layers were damaged immediately, causing stretch marks during and after pregnancy.

As the body matures and grows, this causes the dermis to tear that allows deeper layers of the skin to show. They fade or look white in appearance because of the pale fat unfolding under the skin instead of the blood vessels colored purple usually seen in the early stages of the stretch marks.

Diagnosis and Prevention Against Stretch marks

As of the moment, there are no remedies that will prevent the stretch mark from occurring. According to research, there are summaries of clinical trials conducted to prevent stretch marks with topical skin care products but none of them were successful according to Cochrane, an organization collecting high-quality health information for experts, doctors, researchers, funders, and a lot more. In addition, It is believed that many products aren’t based on science and many may act as moisturizers but aren’t made to counteract stretch related damages to collagen or its bundling, according to Frank Wang associate professor of dermatology at Michigan Medicine.

Treating Stretch Marks, Is It Possible?

Although there aren’t quick remedies to eliminate stretch marks faster, there are treatments that can be done in order to reduce these stretch marks from the body, and thanks to technology we have now a couple which can help you get back that young, beautiful, and smooth skin. Here are some of the treatments for stretch marks:

1. Platelet-Rich Plasma with Ultrasound

This treatment uses platelet-rich plasma, taken from the person’s own blood, to increase collagen and revive the skin. The ultrasound is used to reduce stretch marks.

2. Laser or Light therapy

Intense pulsed light and pulsed dye lasers can improve the appearance of stretch marks. It can also increase the production of collagen, as the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) suggests that it significantly reduces cases for stretch mark appearances.

3. Retin-A

It is also called Tretinoin and it must be prescribed by health professionals. This is only available through prescription as it is potentially dangerous when misused. Pregnant women are advised not to use this. Side effects can be redness and peeling of skin. But it is good in reducing stretch marks as the Tretinoin penetrates in the upper layer of the skin and rebuild collagen that makes the marks white or silver in color.

The Takeaway

We can do many things to treat stretch marks, even at our home. But that doesn’t guarantee that we can remove them. All the things that we can do is to conceal or somehow reduce the visibility of the stretch marks by applying moisturizers, oil, and lotions in keeping the skin moisturized or maintain the elasticity of the skin. Another is using topical creams which may lighten the stripes and conceal stretch marks, and finally use exfoliation whether it be chemical or mechanical. This process removes the old dead skin cells of the outermost surface of the skin allowing it to lighten. It is best to consult a doctor, dermatologist, or a certified medical practitioner in the skin,  for proper planning and be guided on what’s best for you. Hence, treating stretch marks is a lifelong process.

Inner Thighs Stretch Mark Removal

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