Is Coconut Oil Really Good for Dry Hair?

Is Coconut Oil Really Good for Dry Hair?

A fruit rich in B vitamins and fiber, coconut produces a sought-after extract for its health and skin benefits, making coconut oil for dry hair one of the most reliable and popular products today. Coconut oil smells nice and is one of the more effective treatments for dry or frizzy hair. Coconut oil gives hair that extra softness and shine, it prevents split ends, breakage, as well as promotes hair growth because properties of the oil can absorb deeply into its follicles.

Mainly why coconut oil makes it a great product for frazzled hair is its molecular structure and its fatty acids that promote its smoothness. In addition, it is free of other chemicals like silicone that adds damage instead of softness to hair. In fact, fans of the product deem that coconut oil for dry hair is better than any man-made products. Another fun fact about this oil is that it promotes hair growth and combats parasites that choose to stick to your hair such as dandruff and lice. The product is high-favored by most health experts, considering it the best hair treatment for dry hair based on years of study and use. Get to read more about why coconut oil for dry hair is the best option for your hair’s treatment.


Coconut Oil for Dry Hair

The best method to apply this effective shiner is right after bathing. Many people tend to get it wrong because it is often applied while showering, but coconut oil is actually more effective when applied after a bath. Apply the coconut oil for at least half an hour after your shower so your hair strands have already dried. Apply the oil thoroughly throughout the scalp and all the parts of your hair: front, back to side. Leave the oil overnight and wash it the following day. You’ll notice the sweet-smelling and shiny difference after and especially after regular use.


Comparing Coconut Oil to Other Oils

Other properties that coconut oil has that makes it very effective are vitamin E, capric acid and lauric acid, all working together to guarantee hair’s luster and rejuvenation. Users of the oil who apply it on a regular basis have observed less static, breakage, tangling and split ends of their hair. Coconut oil diminishes protein loss and maintains a richness of the hair strands. Moreover, regular users of coconut oil for dry hair observe that the oil makes their hair thicker, comparing them to other hair treatment products.

Based on a study that researchers conducted, coconut oil revealed that it can protect hair very well, even the hairs that have gone through chemicals like bleaching, as well as harsh UV rays. Comparing them to the mineral oil and sunflower oils that were measured for protein loss percentage, the results revealed that coconut oil held the best protein preservation. Mineral oil and sunflower oils’ potency was already washed away after only one application of the oil.

Coconut oil’s lauric acid component which is made up of a medium-chain is the primary reason for making your hair a lot straighter than how other oils can make it. In fact, coconut oil is effective lice and dandruff solution. A study which combined coconut oil with anise proved the mixture becomes 4x more effective versus using regular lice insecticide such as chemical permethrin. Coconut oil is also an excellent source of UV rays protection. Our sunlight contains vitamin D which is good for the skin, but too much of its intensity will damage your sensitive skin and hair strands. Researchers have discovered that coconut oil for dry hair also acts as a strong sun protector.


Using Coconut Oil as Deep-Conditioner

If you want an effective conditioner, coconut oil does it better. Use at least thirty minutes of your time to perform this great hair-pampering treatment. Perform the application daily and detangle and moisturize your hair fast. You only need a tiny amount of coconut oil for dry hair. Rub the oil at the tips of your hair after you bathe. Did you know? You can also use coconut oil to treat dry skin.


Using Coconut Oil as Dandruff Treatment

Coconut oil as a dandruff remedy makes for another effective solution to try. Simply take a small of the coconut oil then place on your scalp. Let it sit for 10 – 15 minutes or overnight if you want it to absorb more potently. Rinse and dry your hair the following morning. You’ll notice a great difference.


Coconut Oil Usage Tips

The amount of oil needed for application will depend on your hair type and length. Some make a mistake of using just enough to prevent greasiness buildup, but the thicker and longer your hair, the less sparing you should be with it.

One to three tablespoons will do for longer hair. For thin or short-length hair, you will only need less than a teaspoon. In addition, there are several varieties of coconut oil to select from. For example, unrefined (virgin) coconut oil is most popular and can even be part of your daily diet plan.

Remember it is best to apply coconut oil for dry hair prior to wetting it as the hair becomes more vulnerable once it is wet due to the cuticle structural change when water is absorbed. In addition, adding an extra coating of oil after the washing of your hair makes it even smoother. Coconut oil also strengthens it the hairs on your head, reducing the tendency for it to snag. Coconut oil offers many beneficial uses. It is more than just a conditioner, it can also work as a hair mask, hair detangler, and scalp treatment product. Way to go, coconut!


Excessive Coconut Oil Usage

Coconut oil is generally considered safe and effective for the hair and skin but remembers also excess of use may cause oil buildup on your scalp and hair. This will make your hair duller and greasier, and you can even occur more hair loss especially if you have thinner hair. Coconut oil for dry hair is a highly-recommended product by hair, skin and health experts and should be a regular product to apply on that delicate head.

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