What Does Marshmallow Root Do For Breast Growth?

What Does Marshmallow Root Do For Breast Growth?

What’s the best method for increasing breast size? There are many claims that certain natural plants like herbs can help increase breast size. Some examples include dandelion root, wild yam, and something called fenugreek. There isn’t much scientific evidence that these herbs can produce bigger breasts. However, some women claim they’ve boosted their chest measurements with these natural herbs. Another option is marshmallow root for breast growth. Most of us are familiar with marshmallows that are added to the classic camping snack s’mores, and mini marshmallows for hot chocolate. However, there’s also the original marshmallow plant that dates back to ancient times.

What’s the best method for breast augmentation? Fun Fact: The average bra size in the USA is 34DD. Some women decide to have breast implant surgery for saline or gel-filled silicone shells. There are a few issues since they only last for up to a decade. Then there’s the fact that this surgery can cause pain and discomfort. This causes many women to pick a more holistic (whole-body) approach that doesn’t require surgery or artificial chemicals like prescription drugs. Herbal supplements like marshmallow root are one of the possible options. As with other natural remedies the big question is: does it work?

What Exactly Is Marshmallow Root?

This is the real plant instead of the soft squishy product used for roasted marshmallows during camping trips. It dates back to the ancient world, including Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Arabia. The herb has been consumed for 2000 or more years. It’s been traditionally used to treat health conditions related to breathing, digestion, and urination.

The root is also used in different foods like:

  • Beverages
  • Candies
  • Desserts
  • Creams
  • Cosmetics

There’s also the marshmallow confectionery that’s used for baking.

Studies show that marshmallow root can provide several health benefits. They include soothing membranes in the different human tracts related to different systems like the digestive system. There are claims the root can provide other health benefits like breast enlargement.

The marshmallow plant grows up to 2.5 feet high. It has leaves that are soft and velvet-like. The plant’s generic name Althaea is named for the Greek goddess in ancient times. Her name is derived from the Greek word that means to heal/cure. This suggests that the marshmallow root can provide various health benefits.

While marshmallows have many uses one of the oldest ones is as a dessert. It’s one of the world’s oldest desserts. There are written accounts from ancient Egypt of people using honey and marshmallow root to make candies.

Flash-forward to about 1850. That’s when the first modern marshmallow dessert was made in France. It was hand-made from that time until around 1900. The treat included egg whites, corn syrup, and water beside the marshmallow root. The mass-produced marshmallows today were made by dozens of companies across the USA by the mid-1950s.

There are various uses for the herb. That’s because you can eat the leaves, flowers, and roots. For example, the leaf/root can be dried then produced as a tea. The root can be used in different ways.

Marshmallow Root for Breast Growth

One of the health claims about the plant’s root is that it can be used for increasing breast size. The root is used to make an extract. First, a towel is dipped into the extract. Then the towel is used to massage the breasts. It’s claimed that this is one way to increase breast size.

Another option is to drink the marshmallow root extract for a couple of months. After every month a 7-day break is taken from the extract. This breast enlargement option is considered a plus for women who don’t want fast results. It’s common for results to take longer when syntenic chemicals and surgical procedures aren’t used.

The main issue when using herbs to increase breast size is whether or not they work. For example, several herbal supplements on the market claim to provide this result. They include different herbs like:

  • Watercress Leaf
  • Dandelion Root
  • Wild Yam
  • Fennel Seeds
  • Marshmallow Root
  • Fenugreek

Probably the most common one is fenugreek. It’s found in many dietary supplements on the market for breast augmentation. The problem with claims that these herbs help increase breast size is there isn’t any solid scientific proof. This doesn’t mean they don’t work. However, as the old saying goes “more research is needed.”

Many health experts explain that genetics is one of the main factors that affect breast size. In other words, you can use certain methods like an herbal supplement and they might work somewhat. However, a woman’s genes seem to be the main factor that determines breast size.

There seems to be some evidence that marshmallow root might help with issues related to breathing and digestion. However, it’s unclear if it can help increase breast size. You should also talk to your doctor first before you start taking any supplements. He/She can give you advice based on your medical conditions and current supplements/medicines.

Possible Health Benefits of Marshmallow

1. Wound Healing

The herbal root might also help to increase wound healing. That’s due to the anti-bacterial feature of the root that could help to heal wounds. In 2015 animal study showed that an extract from marshmallow root can treat a certain kind of bacteria. What’s the big deal? They cause more than 50% of all infections, including the so-called “superbugs.”

2. Skin Irritation

This is due to the marshmallow root being anti-inflammatory. It might help to deal with skin irritations that result from various skin conditions. One 2013 study found that an ointment with 20% marshmallow root helped to lower skin irritation. The researchers explained the herb helps trigger anti-inflammatory cells.

3. Pain Reliever

The root from marshmallow plants might also help to reduce pain. A 2004 study showed that it might soothe various health conditions that irritate/pain like sore throats.

4. Skin Health

The plant’s root might also help to improve general skin health. That includes skin that’s contacted UV radiation. That’s everyone who’s been outdoors on a sunny day. They might benefit from adding some marshmallow root products directly to their skin. A 2015study helped scientists learn about the possible benefits can have for UV protection.

5. Diuretic

This is a substance that helps the human body get rid of extra fluid through urine. Studies show that marshmallow root might have the ability to provide this benefit. It also might help to boost general urinary health.

6. Coughs/Colds

There’s stuff in marshmallows that might make it a good home remedy for treating colds/coughs. A 2005 study showed that cough syrup with marshmallow root helped to reduce coughs from different health conditions like colds. The study showed the study’s participants had a symptoms improvement of up to 90%, which makes it another benefit like marshmallow root for breast growth.

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