Natural Dandruff Remedies + Tips

Natural Dandruff Remedies + Tips

Natural dandruff remedies are an affordable, resourceful and convenient option to curing pesky white flakes scattered on a well-rinsed head. No one wants to see snowy flakes that are not actual snow on newly-combed hair, especially during important events like a school speech or a blind date. Dandruff is not particularly dangerous, it is just bothersome or can count you unhygienic if you do not attend to it quickly. Lucky in this century, there are now many non-expensive hair treatments for those white flakes to go away easy.

Dandruff can be easy to take off. It is an unharmful type of scalp disorder that occurs due to irritated, dry to oily skin, diet, stress, bacteria growth, poor hygiene, hair product reaction, or fungus buildup. Dandruff also makes your scalp quite itchy as thes are actually dead skin cells that simply want to get out of the way. Good to know there are plenty of dandruff remedies that do not burst the buck nowadays. Treating dandruff does not require you to buy pricier hair products, natural remedies can be used, and will take care of that fast. Let’s take a look at the natural remedies for getting rid of the itchiness and flakes.


Easy Natural Dandruff Remedies to Try

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider is popularly used these days for its various health benefits, but did you know it is also an effective dandruff cure? All-natural, simply make use of the store-bought apple cider vinegar to replace your current shampoo. If one is not available, mix equal parts water and vinegar together to make do. Vinegar is acidic and works just as well to combat the flake creators. This natural remedy works like magic and eradicates the bacteria or fungus that multiples dandruff on your head. Do this for just a couple of days and you will see results in no time.


Lemon Juice

Just as potent a natural dandruff remedy to try, place two tablespoons of squeezed lemon onto the scalp and allow it to sit for one minute. Next, mix a teaspoon of the juice with a cup of water then use it as a hair rinse solution. Perform this for a couple of days until you notice the dandruff disappear. It is important to rinse your head using the mixture before every shower for it to be more effective.


Baking Soda

Baking soda is a wonder-worker from the kitchen to the cleaning crew. It helps make great cakes and also wipes away dirt in no time. When it comes to baking soda as a dandruff cure, it acts as an exfoliant, removing dead skin cells. Moreover, baking soda absorbs unnecessary oil off your scalp. To use baking soda as a natural remedy for dandruff, the first step is to wet your hair. Next, rub one tablespoon of the baking soda onto your scalp and hair strands surrounding it. Allow the baking soda to absorb for a minute then wash. Note to perform this just twice a week and during mornings when you are showering. You might notice that your hair becomes slightly dry at first, but in two weeks, it will be back to its natural oils, but more importantly, your head will be dandruff-free.


Olive Oil

As one of the first top natural dandruff remedies, olive oil can quickly moisturize scalp dryness. With its strong antioxidant components, its consistent usage will rejuvenate your hair. Soaking your hair in olive oil overnight is a good start. As a remedy for dandruff, at least ten drops to massage onto your scalp is needed. Be sure to massage thoroughly and leave overnight with a shower cap. In the morning, shampoo your hair to rinse.


Coconut Oil 

This type of oil is filled with fungus-battling compounds that rids of dandruff quickly and prevents it from forming. More so, it acts as a super moisturizer, not to mention, smells very nice. As a natural solution for dandruff, you will need one tablespoon for scalp application. Massage the oil thoroughly into the roots of your hair and allow it to absorb for thirty minutes to a whole night. After the duration, wash it with shampoo. You will notice results in less than a week.


Tea Tree Oil 

Pure tea tree oil does not only sooth the olfactory nerve, but it also works as one of the more excellent natural dandruff remedies. You will need five to ten drops of this oil (pure) mixed with five tablespoons of coconut oil (better potency and scent). Apply the solution into your scalp (hair lengths no necessary). It is best to perform this during the night then rinse the following morning. If you are in a hurry, you may place the oil thirty minutes before you take a shower. Tea tree oil is also known to treat ache and moisturize your skin. Its anti-fungal components make it an excellent choice to get rid of dandruff.


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a top pick for those looking to lose weight or enhance their skin. More so, it works well as a natural remedy for dandruff as well as removes itchiness. A simple massaging of aloe vera gel for a couple of minutes into your scalp before shampooing will do the trick. Leave it for a good few minutes before rinsing then shampooing. Do this at least three times per week and you will notice the cure.

There are many other choice bacteria and fungus dandruff-combatting solutions to try such as green tea, orange peel, neem juice or leaves, to curd. All-natural solutions are the next best thing to curing ailments, and it wise to rely on them over chemically-enhanced products.

According to science, it is normal to have flakes on your head at 487,000 cells/, but bad flake count means bad dandruff and goes as high up to 800,000 cells/ When you notice increasing flakes on your head, you know it’s time to go the natural way. Natural dandruff remedies are an excellent way to eliminate the itch and do away with the flakes once and for all, all while saving money.

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