Best Natural Remedies for Breast Pain

Best Natural Remedies for Breast Pain

There is a saying about women having it hard in this world. It may be in terms of the privileges, their role in society itself, and many other factors to consider. But we are not here to spark a debate regarding which gender is better than the other, the idea of comparing men and women seems unnecessary in the first place. The point is, women and men have a lot of differences between them, and one of the most noticeable factors is their physical attributes and body anatomy.

Giving birth to children was given as responsibility for women, and this phase may be considered as one of the things that makes it hard for women to be their gender because of how hard and painful the process is. Men, on the other hand, do not have to undergo the pain of pregnancy and even the simple menstrual cycle that goes together with the aching menstrual cramps. In addition to this, men and women both have breasts, but women are more prone to breast issues; which also have the chance to turn into something dangerous such as breast cancer.

The reason why women’s breasts are more sensitive and must be given more care compared to those of men is their difference in function and purpose. For women, the breast is as important as all the other reproductive organs because of its role in pregnancy. As a woman goes into the phase of pregnancy, her body is slowly developing the breast milk needed for her to feed the newborn infant once she gives birth. Since a woman’s breasts have this special function used for breastfeeding, it means that their breasts have different components and parts than those of men’s. This is what makes it common for women to experience issues related to breast, and it may be easily noticed based on the number of breast cancer cases that occur on women every year.

Breast Pain In Women

Estrogen is the hormone responsible for the development of breasts, and the amount of this hormone present in a woman increases as she goes into puberty, thus the appearance of bigger breasts. And since hormones affect almost all of the changes that a girl experiences during puberty. Once the menstrual cycle starts, the body will be encountering frequent pangs of pain in different areas, and there is no consistency as to which area is affected by the pain. Most of the time, the pain associated with menstruation is felt in the lower abdominal area, hence it is referred to as menstrual cramps. Other areas affected by menstruation-caused pain are headache and breast pain. This concludes how closely related the menstrual cycle is to the occurrence of breast pain.

Based on the previously mentioned cause of breast pain, which is the menstrual cycle, shows how normal it is for women to experience breast pain. This phenomenon may happen monthly, or sometimes even more than once a month. However, breast pain is not only limited to the one caused by menstruation. There are many other causes, like physical injuries inflicted on the chest area, but some of them may mean that there is a very serious condition that affected the breasts just like cancer; although it is rare to directly connect breast pain with breast cancer.

  • Mastalgia is the term used to identify pain felt on the breast area and to have a better understanding of its occurrence, it is divided into two categories depending on the cause – cyclical or noncyclical.
  • Cyclical Pain: This pain is referred to as mastalgia caused by natural sources, like the one associated with the menstrual cycle. Cyclical pain is normal and it rarely results in serious issues, plus it only lasts during the entirety of the monthly period of a woman. There are also a few lucky women who do not experience cyclical breast pain even while menstruating, and that is normal too as each individual’s body has its uniqueness.
  • Non Cyclical Pain: All the other causes of breast pain may be described as noncyclical, including those that are caused by injuries and such. However, noncyclical pain also involves indirect breast pain, just like how muscles from near areas (like the chest) can result in breast pain. Additionally, noncyclical pain is never considered normal, thus once there is the slightest sign of its existence, it should be taken for a thorough checkup since it may also be hard to identify the exact cause of the pain.

Natural Remedies For Breast Pain

Fortunately, cyclical breast pain may be easily relieved by doing a few simple and very easy to do natural remedies for breast pain that can be done even while at home.

  • Use an ice pack: Ice packs have long been used to relieve several cases of pain, but most of the time they work against swelling and injuries. For breast pain, however, the method is considered to be effective and it made the natural remedy one of the go-to treatments of women experiencing breast pain while they are on their period.
  • Place a warm compress: If you prefer warmth, it is better to use a warm compress in relieving breast pain. It works just the same as how an ice pack does, it only depends on a person’s preference and which temperature makes them feel more comfortable and relaxed. Also, the blood flow on the area where a warm compress is applied improves a lot during the treatment, so the individual may get more benefits other than alleviating breast pain.
  • Massage the affected area: Physical therapy – or even a simple massage – is one of the most helpful natural remedies for breast pain.  Affected muscles are relaxed by massaging the area, and there are also many additional benefits to massage.
  • Vitamin E Supplements: Previous studies wherein women experiencing breast pain were asked to consume vitamin E supplements have shown promising results regarding the ability of the vitamin to lessen mastalgia. Not only this, but vitamin E supplements are known to provide many other benefits like better skin, prevention of cardiovascular diseases, and boost immune function just to name a few. The supplements also have no known side effects, making them safe for consumption. But it is still advisable to ask for professional advice before using the supplements to relieve breast pain.

Natural remedies for breast pain

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