One Breast Shrinking Causes and Remedy

One Breast Shrinking Causes and Remedy

Are you experiencing one breast shrinking? There are various factors and in fact, it’s quite common for one breast to be larger than the other one. Studies show that up to 20% of women have this condition. However, this is usually related to the breasts’ natural size. If one breast starts shrinking it’s important to know one breast shrinking causes. In some situations, it’s not a serious problem. However, in other cases, it can result from serious conditions including breast cancer. So it’s important to know some of the most common causes. This will allow you to treat the condition safely and effectively.

In many cases, both breasts shrink although sometimes just one does. There are various factors including weight loss, hormone changes, and serious conditions like breast cancer. Health experts explain that it’s rarer for one breast instead of both to shrink. In both cases, you should consider a mammogram and other tests so your doctor can help figure out the real cause of the shrinkage. This is especially true when it results from a serious disease. Sometimes it’s not a major cause but other times it results from serious conditions/diseases. Your doctor can help to sort things out for you.

How Common Is Different Sized Breasts?

Experts explain that there’s no human body in the world that’s 100% symmetrical. This is even true of women who have breast augmentation surgery. That’s based on various factors like breast development. There are several natural reasons why breast sizes are different.

One is based on basic physical development. Women’s breasts start growing during puberty. It’s very normal/common for one breast to grow faster than the other one. If that happens then it’s not a major issue and it’s nothing to worry about.

The exception would be a situation in which one breast develops during puberty but the other one doesn’t. This is a different situation and definitely isn’t normal.

One of the main issues to consider is the percentage of the breasts’ sizes. If the difference is between 15% to 20% it’s not really a major issue. However, if it’s much higher then that’s a significant difference and a situation in which you should probably contact a doctor.

In fact, it might be surprising but up to 90% of women have a breast size difference of up to 20%. So if you’re within that range it’s perfectly normal and actually quite common.

If there’s a major difference between the two breasts then you should also consider waiting until the age of 17/18 to consider cosmetic changes. The reason is that this is the age range when breasts are usually fully developed. There are some situations when the development is completed before or after those ages. However, in most cases breasts are fully developed by this age.

In many cases, the breast size is actually quite small and between 10% to 15%. In this case, many women might not even notice that they have asymmetrical breasts. Since this difference is less noticeable there’s also less of a need to consider cosmetic procedures. In this situation, the woman might not notice the difference in breast sizes until wearing a bra.

One Breast Shrinking: Causes

1. Weight-loss

It’s important to note that fatty tissues make up breasts. So when you start losing weight you might notice that your breast(s) starts to shrink and get smaller than they were before. One issue to consider is there’s no “spot reduction” of fat. In other words, when you lose fat your body’s whole fat percentage drops.

2. Aging

Body shapes change as people age. This includes the breast’s size/shape. It’s important not to panic but instead get it checked out to find out if the breast size is due to the normal aging process.

3. Contraceptives

It might be surprising but changing a birth control pill might actually affect breast size. The reason is these prescription meds can increase the level of the female hormone known as estrogen. However, the hormone levels will drop if you stop taking the contraceptive.

When this happens your body will also likely experience other changes as well. So it’s not something you should really worry about. There’s a good chance the breast(s) will return to their normal size.

4. Hormones

Changes in hormones can affect breast size and cause them to become bigger or smaller. Hormones like estrogen can cause various changes in the body including breast size. These changes can happen due to factors like menstrual cycle or pregnancy. Becoming older can also cause breast size to shrink due to hormone changes.

5. Diet

If you’re on a new diet this can affect various factors like your weight, body fat, and so on. The foods/drinks you consume can trigger weight loss.

For example, if you consume more coffee the caffeine can speed up your body’s metabolism. That can result in weight/fat loss and cause the breasts to shrink. You might experience the same thing if you’re consuming foods like chili peppers and citrus fruits, which also boosts metabolism.

Tips to Balance Breast Size Naturally

Tips to Balance Breast Size Naturally


You can change the bra to help make the different breast sizes less noticeable. When picking a bra it’s critical for the bra to be snug but not overly tight. This will help you to stay comfy yet not experience the discomfort of tight bras.

Hot/cold Water

Alternate hot/cold water to boost the skin’s blood flow. That will help to increase collagen and make the skin firmer. Add lukewarm water on the smaller breast for 1 minute. Then use cold water for half a minute. The key is to let the warm water flow longer than cold water.

Do this process 3x. It’s important to do it on a daily basis. For example, you could do this procedure after taking a shower/bath every day.


This option is a big debate topic. Some experts are against it. However, it’s one to help shrink one breast size so the two breasts look the same size. The key is to use a binder that doesn’t cause any issues like discomfort or lower blood circulation.


This might be a surprising one. Upper body/chest exercises can help to make your breasts firmer. This, in turn, can help to balance them out. When you do the exercises they help to make the breasts firmer, which are made of breast tissues/fat. You can use options like dumbbells or bodyweight exercises. What’s important is to exercises that focus on the chest region to make them firmer.


Breast massage is a holistic (whole-body) way to make breast sizes less noticeable. There are different kinds of massages you can do. They include massaging one or both breasts. Make sure to rub the palms together so they’re warmed up. You should also use a circulation motion and light pressure. One option is to use the oil after learning one breast shrinking causes.

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