Best Over the Counter Prenatal Vitamins

Best Over the Counter Prenatal Vitamins

There is a wide variety of OTC prenatal vitamins in the local drugstore. However, it would be best to know which among them is best in keeping the growing baby healthy.

Growing a baby won’t be that hard if the mother is sticking to a healthy diet. Doing this ensures that she is receiving all the needed nutrients for the baby. Although it would still be best to get the desired vitamins and minerals from the food that she eats, adding a little support from over-the-counter prenatal vitamins won’t hurt.

Furthermore, there are essential nutrients that a pregnant woman is required to take on a daily basis; folic acid, calcium, iron, and vitamin C are to name a few. The daily intake requirements for these certain nutrients increase during pregnancy. This is why considering prenatal vitamins could also help a lot not only for the mom but also for the growing baby.

Are OTC Prenatal vitamins safe?

We may hear most women who would prefer prescribed medications over OTC vitamins since they feel much safer if it was their doctor who recommended them the drugs. However, OTC vitamins aren’t bad after all. Besides, they’re more convenient and not to mention, cheaper too.

How to choose OTC prenatal vitamins?

There could be a lot of available OTC vitamins in the drugstore. But since every woman is different, reading and checking the labels is always mandatory.

In order to know which among the vitamins will suit best for the mom, it is important to check the right ingredients as well. There are gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options available. There are also available supplements that contain B6 or ginger which are suitable for women who are sensitive to iron.

One important factor upon choosing a prenatal vitamin is to see if the vitamin contains DHA. This is because DHa, which is an omega-3 fatty acid, is really useful in the development of the baby.

It is also best to keep in mind that not all cheap vitamins or budget-friendly prenatal vitamins are cost-effective. It is still better to always go for quality over quantity.

Best OTC Prenatal Vitamins

  1. One A Day Women’s Prenatal 1


As highlighted above, it is best to look for a vitamin that is rich in DHA. Luckily for One A Day, one won’t have a hard time checking other labels for the said essential nutrient. DHA is a good addition to a mom’s diet, yes. However, aside from that, DHa is also good at fueling brain growth and eye development. What makes One A Day a vitamin perfect for pregnant women is that it’s almost jam packed  with everything – folic acid, iron, calcium, vitamins D, C, A, and E. It can also provide your body with up to 200mg of essential fatty acids.

  1. NatureMade Prenatal Multi


This amazing prenatal vitamins also contains all the essential nutrients that will help the growing baby – folic acid, iron, zinc, and vitamins A, C, D3, and E. Aside from it containing all the required nutrients, NatureMade is also ideal for the wallet since it can only cost less than $20. Imagine investing on something that wouldn’t cost much, but still promises to provide optimal health.

  1. Vitamin Code RAW Prenatal


Staying vegan during pregnancy is not a problem anymore with Vitamin Code RAW Prenatal. This vitamin is said to be gluten-free, uncooked, dairy-free, and it doesn’t even contain any filters or binders that could mix up and stall the vegan diet. Apart from keeping the baby healthy, Vitamin Code also contains ginger and probiotics that could help combat nausea and constipation.

  1. Vitafusion Prenatal


Is taking too much vitamins boring? Or maybe, some vitamins are just too hard to swallow? Then worry no more. With Vitafusion Prenatal gummies, taking vitamins won’t be that bring and hard anymore. At the same time, these gummies promises to deliver essential vitamins and minerals along with DHa and folic acid which are both perfect for the growing baby. This vitamin comes with two flavors; lemon and raspberry. One wouldn’t have to worry if the mom is sensitive to iron since Vitafusion Prenatal made sure there will be no iron content on the gummies. This is to make the vitamins light and easy not only for the mommy’s tummy, but also for the baby.

  1. Prenatal Oxylent Multivitamin Supplement Drink


Aside from tablets and gummies? Mommy may now drink her vitamins too. This supplement drink is packed with all the essential minerals and vitamins that a mom needs for her growing baby. It comes with a stevia-sweetened powder that will give a mother a more enjoyable intake. It also contains non-constipating iron wso one won’t have to worry about tummy problems after finishing the drink. Just by simple adding water, mommy and baby will get everything that they need in just one drink.

  1. Rainbow Light Prenatal One


Looking for the perfect vitamin that doesn’t cause any negative discomfort may be hard for a sensitive mom. That may be because, she hasn’t tried Rainbow Light Prenatal just yet. This amazing vitamins comes in a non-constipating iron form which makes it easy on the stomach. It even contains food-based formula which experts claim to help in digestion. Rainbow Light also contains a decent amount of B-complex which can promise an increase in energy.

  1. The Honest Co. Prenatal Vitamin and Prenatal DHA


No time to drop by the drugstore and scout for the best prenatal vitamins? The Honest co. got you. This vitamin is not only rich in food-based prenatal multivitamins and DHA, but it also helps busy moms save time as they can be delivered right on the front door. It’s also very easy to swallow with it’s veggie capsules that moms will surely love. One doesn’t have to deal with an upset tummy anymore since this vitamins can also contribute to easing discomfort in the tummy with the help of its vitamin B6 and ginger content.

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