Progesterone Cream Benefits and Risks

Progesterone Cream Benefits and Risks

The hormonal cream, progesterone, has many uses. It primarily is used as a hormone replacement for various issues and reason. Amongst its many uses, it can minimize menstrual symptoms, signs of aging, and bone breakage.

Progesterone creams are not synthetic made progesterone. It is derived from plants that contain progesterone. This product is available in drugstores and can be acquired without a doctor’s prescription.


Its Benefits

So what are the benefits of progesterone creams and how does it exactly works? Before we go to the benefits of progesterone creams, we ought to know first the nitty-gritty details of what the hormone does to our body.

The progesterone hormone is first and foremost a female hormone responsible for regulating menstruation and pregnancy. The presence of progesterone in a woman’s system upholds the youthfulness for many. It provides suppleness and elasticity for the skin. It also keeps your hair shiny, and your nails strong. Moreover, it is responsible for keeping your bones healthy and in good condition. During menopausal, your progesterone dips down and diminishes. As this hormone fades away, the symptoms of aging and deterioration fasten its pace.

As a woman undergoes menopause, it also manifests the symptoms of it like hot flashes, bone deterioration and so on and so forth. This is where progesterone creams insert its magical touch. In a way, it helps alleviate certain aging signs and help try to keep at bay the symptoms of menopause. Let us get deeper into how progesterone creams benefit menopausal women or even those who are not on that stage yet. Let us have more knowledge too on the potency and safety of progesterone creams.


Progesterone and Menopause

A couple of background research has been done to put into records the potency and safety of the usage of progesterone creams in alleviating the symptoms of menopause. Many of these research debunked the effectiveness of the progesterone cream in keeping at bay the symptoms of menopause. Some researchers who debunked it based it merely on the lack of quality evidence from experimental subjects.

Other research was quite thorough in terms of research and experiment in debunking the efficacy of the progesterone cream in alleviating menopausal symptoms. They used several types of progesterone products (oil-based, creams, pills, and placebo products) and used a couple of menopausal subjects of at least 200 in number. The research conclusion professes the ineffectiveness of the progesterone product. However, it is hopeful that the conclusion is such due to the limitation on the brands used.

As mentioned, not all research suggests the ineffectiviteness of these progesterone products. A research made in 2018, tested a progesterone cream named Pro-gest. The research conclusively suggests the increase in the progesterone level in the bloodstream of menopausal subjects. However, experts are quite concerned with the way the level of progesterone spiked in the subject’s bloodstream. It might have an adverse effect in the long run. They are correct to think so, as messing with hormones might mess up a body system and might render adverse effects in the future.


Progesterone Cream Helps Improve the Appearance of Your Skin

Researches were done in the subject of the progesterone cream’s effectivity in helping the skin look better fares well than the conclusions made in the symptoms of menopause. These researches nod to the theory that progesterone creams help in making the skin look firmer and more youthful.

Another research added a comparison between progesterone creams and creams that have no progesterone infusion to it. The results fared better with progesterone creams. The positive results are higher compared to non-progesterone creams. The study focused on the 4 core characteristics of healthier-looking skin. These characteristics are the number of wrinkles smoothed out, the suppleness and elasticity of the skin, eye wrinkle reduction, and the wrinkle mouth lines.


The Other Perks of the Progesterone Cream

Theories circling on the effectivity of the progesterone cream for increased bone density has been subject for research too for many years now. As always, the conclusions are hopelessly inconclusive and is always on the suggesting side of redoing another research. One research bravely stands out though. It debunked the efficacy of progesterone creams in increasing bone density. It says there that it does little on its own in fortifying the bone and increasing its density. The co-equal presence of both progesterone and estrogen in a human subject does more in increasing density than letting progesterone do all the work.


Precaution in Using Progesterone Creams

The effect of progesterone creams for each human subject differs due to the person’s health condition and history. Some menopausal women or even non-menopausal women might have an allergic reaction to a certain brand and others might not have any reactions at all. Some might experience symptoms like nausea, headache, acne, increase in weight, a decrease in weight, and so on and so forth.

The effects also differ in terms of how long was the products used and the amount used every time it is applied. It should also be taken note, the brand of the progesterone product and the forms of it (pills, supplemental gels, oils and so on and so forth). Other women might have an allergic reaction to the product if used in the same area for a long duration of time. Some women opted to apply in other areas where less irritation occurs (allergic reactions usually happens at the back of the ears, the neck, chest, jaw, insides of the arms and legs).

It is best to know about these symptoms and different weird reactions for you might experience some of them too. It is best to talk to your doctor on how to deal better with your symptoms and whether or not progesterone cream products, in general, will be good for your health.

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