Remineralize Teeth Naturally: Home Remedies to Try + Tips

Remineralize Teeth Naturally: Home Remedies to Try + Tips

The impeccable roles of your teeth are undeniable. We all know for a fact that there’s a lot we wouldn’t be able to do without our teeth. Like this guy gives us that beautiful smile every time. Helps with chewing while we eat and a few other things. So who wouldn’t love the teeth? Well, the teeth are well appreciated which is why it’s well-taken care off. But at some point, the tooth might start to decay? Oh no! What’s the next step? That’s where remineralizing your teeth naturally comes into the picture.

If you’ve read a bit about your teeth, remineralization wouldn’t be a strange word. Tooth remineralization occurs on its own. It’s actually a process that occurs naturally in the oral cavity. So why try to remineralize your teeth naturally by yourself? Well, people do this because the decay might be getting out of hand. And because they want their teeth back in shape in no time, so they do this. If this is the case for you then you’re at the right spot.


Causes of Tooth Decay 

So many children dread going to the dentist and that’s a well-known fact. But another known fact is that children’s teeth decay a lot more than adults. This doesn’t imply that tooth decay can’t be found in adults. It just implies that a larger percentage are children.

Anyway, back to tooth decay. Tooth decay can be defined as the process whereby your tooth enamel begins to soften. Well, this is as a result of the plaque acid that forms in the tooth when sugar is broken down in the mouth. From the enamel, it begins to affect other surrounding structures of the tooth.

So here are a few causes of tooth decay:

Poor Oral Hygiene

There is one of the most common causes of tooth decay. When you fail to brush your teeth often then you can expect tooth decay. That because poor oral hygiene would cause the plaque to build up. And when that happens your tooth enamel would begin to soften.

Eating and Drinking

Eating and drinking are two unavoidable things for us. That’s because we need to eat and drink to survive. When we eat sugary foods they tend to stick to our teeth. If not properly removed when brushing can pose damage to the tooth. Which is why it is recommended that after every meal you brush your teeth.

Medical problems

As scary as it might sound it is true. There are medical problems that can cause tooth decay. For instance, when the acid in your stomach goes to your mouth you would expect that it would promote tooth decay.

Dry mouth

Many people have failed to realize how important our saliva is. The saliva helps to wash away plaques from our mouth. So if you have a dry mouth and the plaque remains then it increases chances of tooth decay.

Tooth Remineralization 

One thing you must know is that remineralization is just healing the tooth cavity. It is also known as arrested decay. But that doesn’t mean the part of the teeth just simply grows back. It just helps your teeth resume its regular duty.

As mentioned earlier, tooth remineralization is a natural process. It happens on a day to day basis. So when tooth decay begins tooth remineralization comes into play. The only thing though is that it’s not immediate. Your tooth decay wouldn’t stop wouldn’t the twinkle of an eye.

In this process, calcium and phosphate ions come into play. These ions are sourced and they help promote ion deposition into parts of the teeth that are getting damaged. Remineralization helps the teeth become a lot stronger and gets it back in shape.

Once your teeth are remineralized you can be sure to get back that beautiful smile. And also be able to eat and drink without experiencing any pain whatsoever.


How to Remineralize Teeth Naturally

So here are a few things you can do to remineralize your teeth naturally.

Reduce sugar and soda intake

As mentioned earlier, sugary foods such as milk, candy, and cakes cause tooth decay. That’s because when we eat sugary foods it tends to stick to the teeth. And with this plaque forms easily. So to reduce your tooth decay you have to reduce sugar and sodas intake. That way you would be able to protect your gum and tooth enamel.

Take more vitamins and minerals

We all know that a good complete diet does a great job for the body. Well, it also does a great job to the teeth. For instance, enamel needs calcium. And that’s because calcium helps make the enamel stronger. This is why calcium is a good mineral if you want to reduce tooth decay. The same goes for magnesium. Magnesium works together with calcium to make the tooth even stronger.

Eat more teeth-friendly fruits

Crunchy fruits are known as teeth-friendly fruits. They contain high water content. This helps dilute the effects of sugar present in the fruits. At the same time, it also helps stimulate saliva. And saliva helps wash the mouth clean.

Use fluoride toothpaste

It’s not just important to brush your teeth regularly but use the right toothpaste. To kick start remineralization use fluoride toothpaste. That’s because fluoride toothpaste helps to prevent tooth decay. At the same time, fluoride also helps strengthen the teeth. That way your teeth becomes less susceptible to any future mineral loss.

Consider probiotics

Probiotics is another thing you can consider using for remineralization. One thing though is that you must choose probiotics with strains that are produced naturally in the mouth. That’s because with strains that are naturally produced in the mouth you wouldn’t bring in harmful bacteria. It just helps keep your mouth from harm.

There’s indeed nothing good about tooth decay. It changes the color of your teeth, makes you feel pain and even prevents you from chewing well. But the good thing is that something can be done about it. Remineralization has come into the picture to make things better. So what are you waiting for? It’s about time you try out tips on how to remineralize teeth naturally.

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