Causes of and Treatments to Stretch Marks on Breasts

Causes of and Treatments to Stretch Marks on Breasts

Do you have stretch marks on breasts? This is a common condition that up to 90% of pregnant women experience. If you notice this symptom you should know what stretch marks on the breast causes. They can range from genetics to pregnancy, and from weight loss to weight gain. Since there are several causes, it’s not something you should worry about without getting all the facts. Your doctor can help with examinations and tests to pinpoint the problem. As with other conditions, correct diagnosis is. Then important to find out exactly what’s causing the condition so you can get the best treatment.

There’s another reason you shouldn’t be very anxious if you notice a stretch mark on your breast. The reason is that there are various kinds of treatments available. They include DIY treatments like cocoa butter and stretch mark creams. More drastic treatments include prescription skin creams and laser surgery. The key is to find the most effective treatment for your stretch marks. Your skin doctor can help you to make the best choice based on your particular situation. For example, if you have certain skin conditions, then particular creams/lotions might be a bad idea. You also might want to use a holistic (whole-body) treatment, for example, which doesn’t include human-made ingredients.

What in the World Are Stretch Marks?

Many of us know what stretch marks look like but might be unsure about what they are. These are thin lines that show up on the skin during different times including fast growth/stretching, hormone changes, pregnancy, etc. More on that later.

Stretch marks appear most often during situations like pregnancy when the stomach skin gets stretched. However, it’s worth noting that both men and women can experience this condition. Stretch marks are a kind of scar.

Here’s what happens. When the skin gets stretched, past the limit this causes fibers in the skin later known as the “dermis” to break. The marks look like a group of side-by-side lines that go in the stretching’s direction. In the beginning, they’re red/purpled. However, as time passes, they become lighter when they fade. It makes the lines close to the skin’s regular tone.

There’s a chance the stretch marks might appear less visible. What happens when the skin goes back to the original size. That is good news for women who have this skin condition.

There are various other causes of this skin condition. They include puberty when the body of a young teen starts to “fill out.” This happens in particular areas like the breast region. Stretch marks often appear in this area if the girl experiences fast development.

Some good news is that there aren’t any serious health risks linked to stretch marks. However, they can cause a cosmetic issue for some people. There’s also no proof that particular creams/lotions can prevent stretch marks.

Stretch Marks on Breasts: Causes

1. Genetics

It’s important to note that women don’t inherit stretch marks. However, if your parents are more likely to have them then there’s a greater chance you could as well. There’s one gene known as ELN that’s related to the protein elastin. This helps to determine how stretchy your skin is.

2. Other Conditions

Some women have particular conditions that increase their chance of stretch marks. This doesn’t mean they’ll have them but they’ll be more likely to experience them. One example is diabetes. Studies show it could be related to the body’s production of the protein collagen. This could result in stretch marks if the body makes less.

3. Pregnancy

A woman’s breasts start growing around 6 weeks after becoming pregnant. This is due to boosted estrogen levels. This can cause the growth of breast and milk ducts. Some women might experience their breasts becoming 2 cup sizes larger. The fast growth sometimes causes stretch marks.

4. Cosmetic Surgery

Stretch marks can result from breast implants/augmentation surgery. This is especially common when the implant is 2+ sizes larger than the original size. So, it’s an issue to consider if you’re planning to have this type of surgery. It might be practical to just boost your breast size by one size.

5. Puberty

This is one of the most common causes of stretch marks in young women. When breast tissue starts to increase, this causes the skin to stretch. The thinner skin can trigger stretch marks located on the teenager’s breasts.

This condition is a normal sign of puberty among several girls. They might also experience stretch marks in other regions like hips and thighs.

6. Weight Gain/Loss

Both of these conditions can cause stretch marks among women. This often happens when the breasts’ fat tissues increase. When the breast size gets bigger this can result in stretch marks.

Stretch Marks on Breasts: Treatments

1. Stretch Mark Creams

You can find various OTC creams/lotions. They include a blend of ingredients that can help to make skin stretchy and fade scars. Make sure to shop around for the best option

2. Acid Peel

This treatment helps to remove the skin’s top layer. It can help the skin look better and reduce stretch marks. The name of this procedure probably sounds dangerous. However, the peels are designed to be skin-friendly.

3. Exfoliation

This involves removing dead skin cells. You can use special brusher to make the process faster. It can help to speed up the body’s collagen production and make your skin look healthier. It’s important to go with just one skin cell-removing product. The reason is it can help to prevent skin irritation.

You should exfoliate your skin every 2 days. You can find various products to use like scrubs and brushes to get the best results.

4. Prescription creams/ointments

These are stronger than OTC versions. They sometimes include a type of acid to remove dead skin cells, or other substances like collagen to make the skin stretchy.

The main possible drawback of these treatments is they contain strong chemicals that could cause side-effects. It’s an issue to consider if you have sensitive skin in particular.

5. Laser Treatment

This can help to smooth out your skin. Studies show they’re up to 75% effective to treat damaged tissue and scar tissue and boost blood circulation to the regions.

6. Skin massage

This is something you can do at home. It helps to provide various benefits. They include collagen production and blood flow. This could help to fade stretch marks. Make sure to massage your breasts for 30+ seconds. Another option is to use stretch mark creams to get better results during the massage after learning stretch marks on breast causes.

Stretch marks on breasts

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