Symptoms of Cervical Cancer to Watch Out For

Symptoms of Cervical Cancer to Watch Out For

If you are a woman, you may have felt dreaded of the possible illnesses you can get for simply being a woman. The worst is, most chronic diseases that women get is related to their womanhood; it can either be the breast or any part of the female sexual organ.


The Female Reproductive System

First off, the female reproductive system consists of the main organs which are the vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.


The vagina is what most people pertain to as the female reproductive organ. True enough, it is indeed a female reproductive organ but it is just one of the many.

The reason why the vagina is easier to recognize is because of how it is placed; it is the connection of the other reproductive organs to the exterior of the body. It is known to be elastic and made up of muscles that are tube-like in shape. Its location in the body is between the uterus and the urinary bladder. But take note that it is not literally the exterior part of the female reproductive system.

As the connector of the external part of the body and the other reproductive organs, the vagina plays a huge role. It serves as the carrier of sperm cells to the fallopian tubes and uterus during sexual intercourse, and when it comes to menstruation; this is where the menstrual period is being secreted. For childbirth, it serves as the birth canal where the baby exits.

Fallopian Tubes

As it gets from its name, the fallopian tubes are made up of two muscular tubes that are placed along with the uterus and the ovaries. The main purpose of the fallopian tubes is that it is used as the traveling way of the eggs from the ovaries for easier access to the uterus.


As for the ovaries, it can be said that they are one of the main players when it comes to the reproductive system.

The ovaries are described as a pair of small glands, but it is the main source of the female hormones known as estrogen and progesterone. It is also the source of the female gametes called ova or better known as eggs.


The uterus serves as the home for the evolving fetus throughout the woman’s pregnancy. Another name for a uterus with which it is more known for is the womb. It also contains certain parts that have their own use during the whole moment of pregnancy.


The cervix is connected to the uterus, or it can be considered as a complete part of the uterus. It is found at the lower part of the uterus and it said to have a length of two inches. It is also shaped like a tube since it connects the uterus to the vagina.

There are many functions of the cervix, it acts as the passageway of the menstrual period that comes from the uterus and it is also where the sperm cells travel through to reach the uterus and to combine with the egg cell. Also, it is a part where the newborn baby passes by during childbirth.

Out of all the other parts of the reproductive system, the cervix is one of the most vulnerable organs in getting different kinds of diseases.


Cervical Cancer

What women fear most is the possibility of getting any type of disease on any of their reproductive organs, and one of them affects the cervix which is called cervical cancer.

The cervix of a woman does not normally cause any problems, but there are certain issues that may affect it and cause the growth of undesirable cancer cells.

According to the American Cancer Society, there is a huge possibility that an estimated number of 13,170 cases of cervical cancer will be diagnosed in the United States by the year 2019. Also, there is a chance that around 4,200 of those diagnosed with cancer will die from the disease. It just shows that the disease is one of the most leading causes of death for women.

The well-known root cause of most cervical cancer cases is the sexually transmitted infection called human papillomavirus or HPV. This infection, however, is said to be easily disposed of by the body; when the virus is detected, the immune system acts fast to fight against it in order for it to not cause any harm in the body. Unfortunately, there are those that are left within the body and they are the ones that cause the development of cancer cells that further lead to cervical cancer.

The most common ways to prevent the possibility of getting cervical cancer is by getting an HPV vaccine, or other women go through the checkup process of pap smear to see if they are infected with HPV.


Symptoms of Cervical Cancer

Just like most cancers, having cervical cancer does not easily show signs that it is present in the body. Sadly, there are many women who only discover their sickness when cancer is already in a dangerous stage. Also, most of the women affected with cervical cancer just realize they have the disease after checking with their gynecologists after experiencing certain symptoms.

Unusual and additional bleeding between menstrual periods.

Menstruation takes place once a month for a period of 3 to the 7 days (or longer). However, there are a chance where a woman encounters more than one menstrual period a month; if this happens for more than once, it is time to visit your doctor.

There are unexpected bleeding and pain after sexual intercourse.

In the case of sexual intercourse, bleeding and pain is normal when it is done for the first time; but when there are still series of bleeding even during the succeeding sexual intercourse, there may already be a problem.

Bleeding even after menopause.

It is really unusual for menopausal women to bleed, this just proves that there is already an irregularity in their body. Plus there is the possibility of cervical cancer so it is better to immediately ask for a gynecologist’s help.

Vaginal discharge has a strong odor and contains blood.

Having vaginal discharge is normal, it is what the reproductive organs release while the woman is not in period; but having vaginal discharge that is associated with blood (even just a few) and one that is described to have a strong foul odor is not normal. This may be due to the cancer cells in the cervix, thus it is best to go to your gynecologist by this time.

The person experiences pain in the pelvic area, especially during sexual intercourse.

Pelvic pain does not immediately occur when a person has cervical cancer. Most of the time, the pain is felt when the cancer is already at its higher stage.

symptoms of cervical cancer

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