Top 5 Cellulite Massagers

Top 5 Cellulite Massagers

Cellulite is a common problem, particularly in women of all status. Statistically, there are 85% of women who have cellulite. It doesn’t have health issue other than making ugly bumps and dimples on the surface of your skin, most especially on thighs and upper buttocks.

Many believe that cellulite is a product of toxins as well as genes and hormonal imbalances. Nevertheless, it happens when fats enter through the weak connective tissue strands beneath the skin, resulting in cellulite ripples on the skin exterior.

The skin structures between sexes have a great effect on the production of cellulite. Men have tighter connective tissue than women, which make them less likely to be prone to have cellulite. For a more elaborative illustration, men and women’s connective tissue patterns vary. Men have a crisscross pattern, while women appear to have a vertical one, allowing fats to fill in the available space on the skin surface of women.

Factors such as skin color and thickness as well as dehydration and hormonal changes can all affect in the visibility of one’s cellulite as well as the amount of cellulite that one possesses.

Cellulite Treatment

There are different treatments that you can use to improve cellulite. It includes:

  1. Professional Treatment: Treatment methods that claim to remove cellulite have varying results and are quite expensive. It includes Zwave, endermologie, Cellulaze, VeleSmooth, and Vanquish.
  1. Anti-Cellulite Creams: Creams usually have caffeine and vitamin A contents. Some have both while some have either of the content. Caffeine is responsible for temporary tightness and smoothness of the skin, while vitamin A helps the skin to be thick over time, making the cellulite non-visible.
  1. Body Scrubs: Coffee scrubs are the most popular antidote for cellulite. Just like creams, caffeine-contain-scrubs temporarily reduce noticeable cellulite in the skin by adding circulation to the area.
  1. Cellulite Massagers: It helps to smoothen the skin by breaking up fat deposits.

Among the mentioned cellulite treatments, cellulite massagers are the most famous equipment to assist with cellulite problems.

Further Cellulite Massagers Explanation

Cellulite massagers are rubber skin massagers which have different knob shapes and have awesome magic against cellulite.

Applying massaging oil or lotion with cellulite removal properties is applicable but not necessary.

To use cellulite massager, you may or may not apply oil on the specific area, then use the massager on the same area for 5 minutes. The process will stimulate the circulation under your skin, breaking the cellulite little by little down.

You need an amount of patience in using this equipment, as the massager can’t fix your cellulite problem by just a month and then you can stop. No. Doing the method on a regular basis can reduce the cellulite under your skin, improving its appearance

Top 5 Cellular Massager

Here are 5 best cellular massagers on the market.

1. Wellbox Slimming Device

The most popular and expensive massager in the market is Wellbox. However, this pricey slimming device is known to be effective in reducing skin cellulite. It is made by French skin experts and it uses the technology the same with the LPG endermologie treatment that is commonly known among salons. Wellbox kneads the skin through rollers and vacuum suction. The device will work without the presence of cream. If your skin is not sensitive, it is recommended that you apply the highest power-setting when using the nozzle 3 on function 1. You’ll see the change in your skin after two months of use.

2. Silhouette Body Contouring Device

For anyone who is not a fan of roller and vacuum suction, Silhouette might be best for you. This device uses heat. To use, first apply the sliding gel on the affected area, then use the device for 20 minutes. The device has three setting which you may choose from: low, medium, and high. While using it, you will experience a warming sensation which is actually relaxing. Like Wellbox, this also requires two months before the smoother skin appears. Additionally, the negative part of using Silhouette is the fast running out of slider gel. You may want to shop and stock more supplies.

3. Fatgirlslim Lean Machine

Unlike the Silhouette which uses a slider gel, Fatgirlslim requires the use of a caffeine-based firming cream. The cream ensures that your skin won’t be stuck during the suction process. This machine uses the system of roller and vacuum to roll, lift, and suck the skin. After a month of use, your skin will be more built-up and tighter. The only downfall is the running out of cream, so make sure that you have enough supply.

4. Bodylift

This device will work even without electricity. So, those who prefer removing cellulite manually will love this product. Body lift is composed of 12 rolling heads and 27 massage nodules and is used by rolling to the cellulite-affected area. The rolling technique plus the Bodylift parts vitalize the lymphatic drainage system, which quit fats from swelling and producing cellulite. This device requires little physical efforts so you can use it for 30 minutes in front of a television. Your everyday effort will harvest in a couple of months. Additionally, its effect will be faster and noticeable if you use an anti-cellulite cream.

5. Chuangma Slimming Machine

Chuangma is perhaps the cheapest machine among the 5 mentioned devices. It is composed of two heads where one is attached with metal massage balls while the other is with swivel wheels. The device will work once plugged in a socket and is best used with cellulite cream. It has two settings: you may use high intensity for buttocks and legs parts but you should use low intensity for the face. Continue to use the device for 3 minutes every day and you will see the results after two months.

Based on one of the reviewers of these products, Wellbox is the best. Results using Wellbox will be visible in a short period of time, however, it might be too expensive for you. The other devices are also proven effective when used with patients. For instance, Chuangma slimming device will also reduce the visibility of cellulite, plus it is cheap.

Cellulite is a common problem, particularly in women of all status.

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