Impact of Weight Loss After Breast Augmentation

Impact of Weight Loss After Breast Augmentation

Also called augmentation mammoplasty, breast augmentation is a procedure wherein a surgeon helps increase a patient’s breast fullness, shape, and size. According to a report released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of procedures has decreased by 2% in 2001 as compared to the trend in 2000, reaching 279,143 across the country. The process involves the placement of breast implants which can be composed of or made of saline, silicone, or other composites under the breast tissue or muscles. There are several reasons why women decide to undergo this surgical procedure. To learn more about this process and weight loss after breast augmentation, let us explore and dive deep into this subject.

The Common Benefits Of Breast Augmentation

There is a common notion that people resort to this procedure for cosmetic reasons. Some want to have a bigger breast size. However, others need this procedure due to medical needs.

Breast augmentation offers a new door for women who have naturally small breasts and who want to enlarge them. Others, especially those who have just given birth or just done with breastfeeding their little ones, resort to this procedure to get back their previous breast shape as well as size. Another possible reason is to ensure that the breast shape is symmetrical.

Breast augmentation can be classified into two: cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. The first is performed to add beauty while the second one is usually done to treat serious diseases like breast cancer.

Clinical research done by the University of Florida in 2007 showed some of the positive results of this surgical procedure. Among these are it enhances the sexuality and self-esteem of patients. The findings of this specific study were published in the journal Surgery Nursing.

Like other surgical procedures, there are some effects that patients may not be expecting when they undergo this. Among this is possible changes in the weight of patients.

Weight loss may have positive or negative implications when experienced after surgery. Read on and let us discuss how a sudden decrease in weight can impact the patient who just underwent breast augmentation.

Weight Loss: Implications for Breast Augmentation Patients

Breast augmentation is mostly requested and underwent by women. In many instances, it is just done one time. However, there are some cases wherein patients requested to undergo other surgeries aside from this one. They usually combine it with liposuction.

Whether it is just breast augmentation alone or the entire package of liposuction and breast augmentation, it is essential that the patient is in good weight and has completed breastfeeding and having kids before they undergo the procedures. This is because clinical experts believe that these weight changes, whether weight loss or weight gain impacts the outcome of the procedures.

Undergoing Breast Augmentation and Preparing for the Procedure

Patient safety is a top priority of medical professionals before they operate. To ensure one’s safety, a patient should consult and have a certified plastic surgeon perform it.

The American Board of Plastic Surgery should be the one giving the certification to the patient. Before deciding on the procedure, the doctor should help the patient understand every detail and aspect of breast augmentation. These include going through the patient’s appearance goals as well as medical history. Breast placement, size, shape, and implant materials should also be covered in the discussion. Among all, how weight loss will affect the outcome of the procedure should be explored and addressed by the surgeon.

Before operating, the plastic surgeon will advise the patient to be in its ideal weight. He or she will also go through some healthy diet options and lifestyle routines to ensure that the patient will be in stable and good health after the operation. These aspects are necessary as the breast implant volume will be dependent or will rely on the patient’s body weight and shape before the operation.

Gaining and Losing Weight: How Does It Affect Results?

Female patients who usually opt to undergo breast augmentation have a petite frame and small waist. With this body frame, they usually go for moderate- or small-sized implants. On the other hand, those with wide shoulders and hips go for larger ones.

Let us tackle how weight changes affect the results of the surgery. Weight gain or weight loss after breast augmentation does not normally result in significant changes as long as the changes are just around 10 pounds at the most. However, if the pounds lost or gained have exceeded this, then these will make a difference.

Remember that the size and shape of the breast implants added depending on the weight of the patient before the procedure so these will look awkward and disproportionate if one gains or loses big weight. Weight loss after breast augmentation that more than 10 pounds will make the implants look bigger than what was conceptualized by the doctor and patient before the surgery.

Additional Notes

Here are some additional pointers to know before you decide to undergo breast augmentation. Plastic surgeons will provide two-implant placement options. The first option known as sub-glandular is that the implants be added subglandular or at the back of the mammary glands but fronting the pectoral muscle. Another option is submuscular wherein the implants are still at the back of the mammary glands and also at the back of the pectoral muscle.

What is the main difference between the two? Patients who prefer the subglandular method is risky when they lose above 10 pounds. It is possible that when this happens, the implants will show through the patient’s skin. Another risk is that the elasticity of the skin will break down and it will no longer maintain your overall breast and body figure.

The bottom line here is that weight maintenance is crucial after breast augmentation. To avoid any discomfort caused by huge weight gain or weight loss after breast augmentation, you can explore different dieting methods that can work with you and help you maintain your weight successfully.

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